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    short ass people

    Im only 5ft 1 and i had the 650. I now ride the 950 The 950 has a longer pullback so im not sat as upright as i was on the 650. I did buy a riders backrest for the 650, but i wasnt fat enough for it to be of any use! I couldnt sit far back enough inthe seat for my back to be on it Have you looked at handlebar risers? Or longer bars maybe?
  2. Goff

    Gutted but glad

    I'd like to get some of these people who wear jeans and T shirts and trainers etc to the prosthetic and orthotic clinic im at at the mo just to see what effect even a slow speed smash can have. It ranges from folk wearing orthotic devices to help them correct deformations caused by one of their joints twisting in the wrong direction or fracturing thus causing them long term trouble and, in extreme cases, flail limbs - to full amputation of limbs caused by infections sustained from gravel rash and severe tissue, muscle and tendon damamge etc.
  3. Goff


    Hi Dan and welcome to the forum. Try HERE Alhough i recommend you go try some on as different brands come up different sizes honey.
  4. Goff

    Gutted but glad

    Glad to hear you're ok honey. And you're right - people dont think they will get hurt in a low speed impact. 3 years ago my friend lost his arm in a 30mph smash after a myopic bint pulled out on him. He was wearing all his bike gear, but the speed of both vehicles combined and the speed his body hit her car when he was flung off resulted in his muscles and tendons in his shoulder and upper arm being torn off. Bascically his arm was severed, and only held together by the skin. His leg was also shattered and he spent months in hospital. If people don't wear the right gear then its their own fault IMHO - and just plain stupid.
  5. Looking in folks gardens! thats where i found these 2! There was a GSXR750 there too but he wont part with that ...... yet oh and..... Wedding has been postponed for now
  6. You can have a pedal bike for me honey Both non runners atm, but can get one REALLY good bike out of the two of them. Both looking like a bit of a nature reserve right now, but wont take long to get sorted
  7. I have NO idea...... but it could be a very nice bike with a bit of TLC and chopping
  8. Bet it wont be as cheap as the TWO XJ550's ive just picked up........ For 60 quid
  9. Welcome to the forum. Nice bike you got there
  10. Goff

    New bike

    If you're not sure - take someone with you who knows their stuff.
  11. Goff

    cant spell

    Some people cannot spell - FACT It is wrong to chastise people just because their spelling may not be up to your standards - i am sure that there are many things we all do that folk do not like, but we tolerate them. However - i CANNOT STAND people who type in so called "text speak" There is no reason for it whatsover other than sheer lazyness. Its not cool - it just makes the author look rather stupid.... PS: Don't any of you even THINK about replying to this post with "text speak"..... they don't call me the forum mistress for nothing.......
  12. Goff


    send it to me too... i could do with a good larf
  13. I already have one In fact its up for sale in none other than the FOR SALE section.
  14. Why thankya kindly For your photos either resize them (theres loads of free online resizers out there - just google) or upload them to something like photobucket. Once in photobucket copy the IMG line and paste it into your message
  15. A hypercharger gives the carb more air which equals more power - of a fashion. If you are going to fit one yourself you need to re-jet the carb Basically they are just a really fancy air filter
  16. Carry a set of spare fuses with you Graham. My 950 is a 2009 model but ive always got spare fuses with me cos you never know honey. If its running fine now youhave replaced the fuse, just see how you go. If it does it again, then look for otehr things that might be causing it. But as i said, carry fuses. I have a spare set under me seat just in case
  17. Goff

    New look

    Gimme the link........ i did......
  18. I'll be at Chesterfield bike show. Look out for me. I dont know if i will be on my bike though and will have the family with me. If you want me number PM me and i'll meet up with you
  19. Here's another you might like: Full Moon Rally 16th Birthday Bash 11th-13th September 2009 THE BEST RALLY THERE IS FOR A TENNA! Balterley Green, Near Crewe, Sign posted from J16 M6 Tractor Taxi, Top Bands, Custom Show, Camping, Good CHEAP Bear, Good CHEAP Food, Decent Toilets/Disabled Toilets, Imaginative Silly Games, Fire etc. Tickets £10 pre-book, £12 on the gate. Cars by Pre-book only Limited numbers For more info. Maps, Tickets etc. contact 01270 764128 or 07923650443 [email protected] or visit LWMCC
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