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  1. skinjob

    Car "Lovers"

    I'm gonna seriously check the previous keeper details in the logbook of the next car I buy yuk!
  2. I had a 57 YBR & tyres fine for the 1600 miles I did. Thing to remember is they are thin so if you try to go round a corner in the wet leaning ove like your in moto gp then the bit of tyre that has grip isn't going to be in contact with the road anymore. Be sensible (presumably you wouldn't have bought a YBR if you didn't intend to be) & the tyres'll do you fine
  3. I just rode my 57 plate for 1st time at night on the little B roads in rural Warwickshire on my way home from work. I was a bit worried as I'd read these posts a few days ago. I found the dipped beam okay but when I changed to full found the road to my sides & rear were lit up beautifully but could see bugger all in front. I'm gonna have to use these roads a lot & think I'll just stick to dipped beam.
  4. skinjob

    Bike tests

    Thanks for that. I think I can put up with being restricted for 2 years if it makes things cheaper as I have to justify it to the bank manager (wife)
  5. skinjob

    Bike tests

    Hello another aging newbie here. After 20 years as a car driver I've decided to get a bike at the tender age of 38. After doing my CBT (1st time ever on a bike) it was clear to me that 20+ years as a car driver caused problems with the brain to hand & foot messages. So I've resigned myself to the fact I'm going to have to be a learner for a while & bought myself a ybr125. A question then for uk bikers (or from anywhere in the world with a knowledge of the answer to the question I'm going to ask). If I do my standard bike test in the next couple of months will I still be entitled to ride any bike in 2 years time or will the changes in October mean I have to do another seperate test. I could go straight for direct access but it's more costly & I would imagine it's better to a test on the bike you know. I've searched the net but can't find an answer, anybody help?
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