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  1. Thanks for the response The only problem being in the rapid expanse on the isle of Jersey i'm restricted to having a 125cc engine for a year after passing my test! So i was looking to de restrict the engine, but doing it properly without causing damage. Cheers
  2. Hello, Being a newbie to riding and the forum i just wanted to ask a few questions about this particular bike. Being a '96 TDR 125, Am I correct in saying that the engine is the same as the DT125R of the same year? Also i would like to get more UUMMPP out of the bike. i've read on other posts about various different derestriction elements, powervalve upgrade/amendments, washers tack welded in the front and rear pipes, a 'snorkel' on the air intake under the seat, changing the spark plug for a performance one and changing the rear sprocket for a DT one!!!! (No doubt i've missed things?) Will i need to do all of these things or is there a best combination? I realise posts like this come up all of the time but your help would be appreciated. Cheers
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