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  1. Hi there check out Firefoxracing.co.uk they can rebuild your rear shock and guarantee it from £85.00. I've had a couple of mine done there and found them to be excellent and give a fast turnaround service Regards Bill
  2. Hi there, the first thing to check is to make sure that your kickstart lever is tight on the shaft and not just sliding round,either get someone else to kick it over while you watch to see if the shaft is moving or mark the lever and shaft with paint and kick it a couple of times and see if the marks still line up. the next thing to check if this is ok is your clutch operation? hope this helps Regards Bill
  3. HI Mike, It really depends on what type of coils are fitted to your bike? the easyest way to find out is to remove your tank and have a look at your coils some models have the coils with screw in leads and in which case you can just replace the lead other models have fixed leads which are bonded in and then you will have to replace the coil! Regards Bill
  4. Hi there, Kawasaki designed all there bikes built after 1976 to run on unleaded fuel due to alot of there machinery going to the US. I had a 79 KZ 1000 and that ran perfectly fine on unleaded fuel without any modifications,same as my old Suzuki GS hope this clears things up for you Regards Bill
  5. Hi there, sounds very much like one of your ignition coils is breaking down when hot so you are loseing power on two cylinders thats why your performance is so bad ! next time this happens see which two exhaust pipes cool down and which two are still hot this should give you an indication of which coil is duff? Hope this helps Regards Bill
  6. Hi there, sounds like you either have a duff plug or a duff coil or HT lead? to check your plug remove both plugs clean them and swap them over then start your bike up if it still gets hot on the same cylinder then the plug is fine and chances are one of your coils is duff. if the opposite happens and the other pipe starts to get warm then your coils are fine and your plug is duff !! hope this helps Regards Bill
  7. Hi there, I have a 91 3LG and had the same sort of problem , mine had been standing for nearly five years ! If your carbs are clean and all the jets and settings are correct then it's just trail and error to get it to start ? It took me about 3 week's to get mine to start !! Ignition on wait for fuel pump to stop pumping no choke,no throttle push starter button and as soon as it fires catch it on the throttle and hold it at about 3000 rpm untill it warms up then it's fine. Up untill i sorted out this starting procedure i had the carbs off and stripped down three or four times, checked all the valve clearence's twice did a compression test on it,checked the coils,cdi unit and the pick up on the motor? Now I'm not saying that this starting procedure will work for you but it is just trail and error untill you find out what is going to work for you.If you know the previous owner you could ask them how they used to start it and go from there. Hope this is of help regards Bill
  8. Hi There, sounds like you could have a dicky kill switch,Check the wiring on your kill switch internally and externally and the contacts on the switch itself,also worth checking the sidestand switch and the ignition switch. regards Bill
  9. Hi there, from what you say if the noise is coming from around the battery area it sounds like the starter relay or starter solienoid? if you remove the side panels you should be able to locate the relays then just try and start your bike and see which relay is making the noise by touching them each in turn to find ou which one is not working properly,then you can remove it and replace it . regards Bill
  10. Hi there sounds very much like fuel starvation,you should remove your fuel tap and clean the filter also if you have an in line fuel filter you shoud change it, next step would be to remove and strip down the carbs and give them a good clean remembering to remove the the float needle and making sure the fuel inlet and pipes are clear. This should sort out your problem Regards Bill
  11. Hi There, to see if your chain does need to be adjusted you need to take the bike off the stand and either sit on it yourself or get someone the same weight as you to sit on it and then check the chain at its slackest point which is at the bottom half way between the engine sprocket and the rear wheel sprocket, if there is more than around half inch of play in either direction then it needs adjusting. hope this helps Regards Bill
  12. Hi there, From the sound of things it's either the selector arm that is damaged or the syncromesh on 4th gear,in any event unless you are a compotent mechanic its a garage job as its engine out and split to get to the gearbox so it will be expensive. If you are going to give it stick try keeping your foot on the gearlever when you put it in fourth that should work for a bit while you decide what to do ? Regards Bill
  13. Hi there, if its the same type of fuse as in the picture its just an ordinary blade type fuse which you should should be able to get from any automotive store or hardware store and in the right amperage for your lighting circuit. Regards Bill
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