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    Nick Sanders

    I've met Nick at one of his talks. Top bloke, mad as a box of frogs. cyco900 - lighten up.
  2. mr benn

    rear brake

    remove the rear caliper. remove pads from caliper. remove master cylinder cap. put thick screwdriver in place of pads. pump pistons out using brake pedal. clean pistons with brake or metal parts cleaner, using a stiff small brush to get in around the pistons and seals. liberally cover the outide of the pistons with red rubber grease. push the pistons back into the caliper. grease pins and pad backs/edges with copper grease. refit pads. refit caliper. change fluid and bleed brake. if this still doesn't work you may need new pistons and seals. this is quite expensive on bluespot calipers.
  3. Yes I say that. I don't see that an oil will make your bike sluggish, unless it's a straight 50 which will be too thick for the motor to turn over.
  4. afaik there are 2 blades. both are available new from Yamaha. the front one is about £15. The rear is about £35.
  5. mr benn

    New tires

    it won't. largest on the Cat rear is a 170.
  6. Isn't this what you said in another post? "I daren't get anything bigger.. I'm not meant to be 'allowed' a bike so thinking something smaller might have been a better idea.. " So there's one reason. Another is you can't afford to insure it, as you got quoted £700 for a 125. Thirdly, having owned 2 R6s, I'd suggest that they are not ideal for someone who just passed their test. And if you want performance why are you looking at 125s?
  7. a little bit more info might help here..................like what size is the tyre and what size is the rim? 110/90/18? this is a pre-diversion XJ? does it have a 3 inch rear rim?
  8. A 125 commuting on the A14? Crazy. You'll be getting cut up by artics half the time.
  9. don't get an R6. it's that simple. you want reliability yet you're looking at 2-strokes. hellooooooo?????? buy what you need, not what you like the look of.
  10. get a restricted 600
  11. you could try checking your valve clearances
  12. no. the rim will only take a tyre up to a certain size.
  13. the whole thing? you can normally buy that tube and the grip from Yamaha. Probably cost you about $20.
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