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  1. when warm should be around 1200-1500. thats mine anywyas and thats a 96 model. if not have a little look just inbetween the right hand fairing and the frame-ish and theres a little black knob thing. twiddle to reduce and incearse tickover. best done when warm otherwise you'll set it when cold then drive somewhere and it'l be revving away to much when its warm
  2. mine woiuld have to be this road legal NSR 500 i found on bikepics.com (very good website) bloody gorgeous
  3. yeah i think i need a new slip on, thinking remus or scorpion. then hopefully 7000 is the new 9000! as for taking the bike out with no license etc, i dont think its a good idea. but theres always exceptions. for example 2-3AM on a sunday night/monday morning is the most crazy time for riding with the wind behind u. i went out after seeing the missus and the whole ride was just amazing. didn't see on car so averaged speeds out well up near 3 figures even in urban areas. got home, rinbging in the ears cos of the silence. roll on nest sunday
  4. sweet mate. i just took mine out. watch out for 9000 onwards. the speed and sound is awsome. enjoy
  5. i was thinkin of doin that, but would hav to get rid of the pillion grippers leving big holes which would have to be filed down and fiberglassed over. missions!!! found a unpaited track seat that looks sweet as on demon tweeks (trusty old demon tweeks) for £120. but the missus wouldn't be happy not being able to come on the back anymore.
  6. hi daz, as far as the thunderace goes i think you may be better off splashin a bit more and just gettin a R1. you can pick up a gorgeous 1998 model quite cheap nowadays. its basically the same engine ish just more power, less weight and a better chaisis and looks. i got the thundercat but lord knows i wanna r6.
  7. hi, try Busters Motorcyle accesiories and demon tweeks. they both hav a wide range of security stuff.
  8. alrite people, what do you reckon to a seat conversion on a thundercat. i starting to dislike the double moulded seat as comfortable as it is and are now carrying less pilion. i'm not sure atm as the front is still quite round and bulbous and a sharp rear end mite look funny? what yous think and anyrecomondations as to where to get some will be appreciated. thanks, alex
  9. hiya buddy. i got a 96 thundercat 600 and its restricted. i got the restricters done for me by the dealer i bought the bike off and the kit is £120 which a f**king stitch up considering its only 4 washers!!!! there thin as sh*t as well. excuse the language. anyways restricted thundercats are fine up 2 8000-9000 revs where it just stops and wont rev out at all due to the lack of fuel, when you release the throttle there will be a little increase as the built up fuel behind the washers still has to come through, so watch out for that. speed wise my one was good for 115mph (on an empty dual
  10. i agree, defo get an R1!! i've heard so many good things about them and im inclinded to belive them. bike magazine also did a 4 page spread on the R1 a while ago and couldn't praise it enough as a race bike and as a mile muncher. i think if i remember rite Nick sanders had chosen an R1 to try and set the world record for travelling around the world on a motorcycle, he did it but guiness didn't aknowlede his acheivment as they said what he had done was to dangerous cos of his amazingly high average speed. the twats. anyways my next bike is gonna be an r1, an 1998 model in red and white. g
  11. why does it matter if were 17?? i mean people do their direct access when their having their mid life crisis and jump straight on de restricted bikes and come off all the time. plus starting at 17 means that you can start gaining experience early. went from 50cc scooter to 125cc cbr then to a 1.6 ford and then 600cc thundercat and i'm still seventeen. i dont think expereince is the issue, more attitude towards the riding and yes i suppose younger riders have different attitude but not all.
  12. me and some mates are meeting at top of town cafe in dorchester at 11:30 then heading to west bay via the coast roads. i have a restricted yamaha thundercat and have put a post here obviosly and me mate on a restricted gixxer has put up a thread on gixxer junkies forum. anyone fancy it just come along. alex
  13. No worries. and the other guy was spot on about carb icing, if its a real problem for you buy an additive to put into fuel to make it higher octance i think. alex
  14. hi there, i have a 1996 thundercat 600, and i live in the south where its a bit more mild. my temp gauge only reads from 60-100 so it just stays on 60 usually, when i ride it for a while in traffic it goes up to around 70-80. however this morning it was frosty and freezing and the bike wouldn't start, wen it did it coughed and spluttered and died as i was riding along 2 miles away!! embarassing. i dunno, maybe you should choke the old girl for longer before you ride her otherwise theres no time for it to heat up and the air intakes will be pushing cold air in as soon as you start riding fa
  15. alrite there buddy. nice choice of bike, gorgeous thing. i got a thundercat but me next bike gonna be a 200 YZF 1000. the old one with the red and white YZF written down the side. anyways welcome to the forum
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