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  1. Today was Lisping Jedi Day... May The 4th Be With You!
  2. Bloody lycra-clad, sperm-hatted shove bikes should pay towards their road use - they cause enough problems in moving traffic with their total abuse of the Highway Code; make them cough up!
  3. Signed! Another scamola from the haggis-noshers that rule England. Slam up petrol prices so we have to use bikes instead of cars, then tax-up bikes, They must think that we zip up at the fucking back. Damn their eyes...
  4. I'll be there early on (about 10-ish) for about an hour. I'll be with my daughter (who is rapidly becoming a 'Biker Bitch') and we'll be in my blue Rover 220 Tomcat which has my forum name next to the number plate. Look forward to meeting anyone from the site...
  5. Aquila

    Hitlers new bike

    Great movie! Funny as...
  6. Copied and pasted through to PistonHeads and SafeSpeed general chat areas. HTH...
  7. Hi all, Took No.1 Daughter to Sarfend to see the bikes and got some phone footage - hope it works as there wuz some shit-hot bikes around. http://s156.photobucket.com/albums/t7/Trau...=shakedown1.flv http://s156.photobucket.com/albums/t7/Trau...=shakedown2.flv http://s156.photobucket.com/albums/t7/Trau...=shakedown3.flv
  8. If the bike 'suddenly stopped sparking', my money is on the HT lead/plug cap. These are quite fragile and use moulded graphite cores as conductors. If they crack, there may not be enough current present to 'jump the gap'. Try getting a new lead and cap. You can check if 'arcing' is occurring by getting an old transistor radio and tuning it to a blank area (no station) at the top end of the Long Wave (LW) band. Kick the engine over and, if you hear a rhythmic 'tic-tic-tic', you have a cracked graphite conductor. Promise me that you will not test an HT circuit with your tongue, as stated in the
  9. Count me in - haven't been there for bloody years! May well come up on four wheels and bring my kids with me - introduce them to a Cafe culture legend, as long as Pirate Livingstone hasn't extended the Car Envy Charge Zone out that far by then...
  10. You enjoy your bike however you want to mate - this is not about when you ride, but how you ride. My DragStar is my main transport but I have a car that is my 'toy'. A Rover 220 Tomcat with Piper asymmetric cams, Pipercross induction kit and a Powerflow 4" exhaust - 180bhp and 195ft.lb torque. It is a weekend car used for track-days and 'meets' with PistonHeads and the Rover Owners Club. It is driven hard on the track, but with due respect for others on the road. The problem with the weekend bikers is lack of this respect for others, themselves and their machines. A mate of mine has a lovely
  11. A concentric air filter (like a car 'induction kit') and a cat-less expansion chamber exhaust will make the engine breathe better and improve your acceleration (Kendall and Pitt in Barrack Street may be able to help you with these), but 65mph on an AeroX is pretty close to maximum rpm. I have heard of a couple that claimed to be able to do 90mph but were forever replacing piston rings and bending crankshafts/con rods. Best bet is to wait until you can get a 125 and derestrict it - one of my son's mates had an old Kwacker AR125 that I have paced down the A12 in my car at 103mph! Where in C
  12. Now, now! Don't be naughty! He's having a go at getting the most out of his bike and should be encouraged - he's pretty rare among young 'uns today who largely seem too lazy or too thick to try a bit of tweaking. It could turn out that, some time in the future, you get blown into the weeds by a kid on an old TZR250...
  13. Aquila:- Real name - Josh 51 year-old physicist working in education; specialising in cosmology and trying to talk to blokes what do scary shit with waaaaaay sub-atomic particles and trying to get a toe in the door of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Private research centres around the load of bollocks that is man-made climate change - utter shite and don't let anyone tell you different! Motoring history from age 17:- Honda ST50 Honda CB65S Kawasaki KS125 (later re-barrelled and cranked to 175) Royal Enfield 250 Continental with Egli frame, half-fairing, clip-ons, rear-sets and
  14. ----- Original Message ----- From: <[email protected]> To: "xxx" <[email protected]>; "xxxx" <[email protected]>; "xxx" <[email protected]> Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2008 12:53 PM Subject: Chicken story > Trevor, the farmer, was in the fertilised egg business. He had > several hundred young layers (hens), called 'pullets' and eight or > ten roosters,whose job was to fertilise the eggs. The farmer kept > records and any rooster that didn't perform went into the soup pot > and was replaced > > That took an awful lot of h
  15. I would disagree that bad car drivers are worse than bad motorcyclists as they usually don't have machines that have power-to-weight ratios in excess of 600bhp/tonne. I have just returned to biking after nearly a quarter of a century. My XVS125 gives 13bhp/185kg or around 70bhp/tonne - my Rover 220 Tomcat (now being prepared as a track-day/weekend car) gives 225bhp/1650kg or 136bhp/tonne. Riders of R1's, Hyabusas etc. are running in the realms of Astons/Lambos/Ferraris that twats don't tend to drive. If you assume that anyone in a car is a psychopathic knob-head, you'll do OK on a bike. On th
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