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  1. hi jinxed thanx for the info it will help me out a lot & save me some time,i am going to local police staion now..too see what they say!!the bike is 3 years old...thanx alza
  2. thanx Dave C i will go to local police station & check it out cheers alza
  3. hi everyone i have a dt125x 2005 model which was bought from company who sells stole & recovered bikes..thing is i want to put it back on the road..i have a some paper work with the reg number..but frame number has been grinded off can it still be put on the road any help on this would be superb..thanx alza
  4. hi 'Dave C' i havent done anything to the bike since i got it.. only been out on it 7 times..but yeah i took out spark plug & its black!! i dont no when air filter was chaneged but it looks clean..your bang on i think its too rich too a friend says he will check carb for me tomorrow..thanx again for the help alza..
  5. hi laze yeah Willenium is right you earth the wire to the frame..thats the way mine is done!!alza
  6. hi everyone i just bought this dt125x nice bike but has just developed this problem when i start bike it ticks over ok but when i put into first gear it starts of well till i give it more throttle then makes a noise as if it losing power..engine starts dying i no its hard to no what i mean but does anyone have an idea what wrong.alza
  7. hi dtrscott nice bike you got there i also have the same bike just got it a week ago can i ask where you got the hand gaurds & black covers for your front forks...excellent bike m8..alza
  8. hi dtxracer i have just bought a dt125x..& have fitted d.e.p. exhust system modified airbox,ignition retard disabled(allows powervalve to open fully)iridium sparkplug,15 tooth gearbox sprocket..hope this helps alza
  9. hi TazR6 thats an excellent bike you got there..i am new to bikes so i only have a dt125x..lol..
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