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  1. to use Wiseco sleeves when using 1070cc pistons? Or can I just bore original to 1070cc?
  2. Harley is nice looking ride but just not reliable enough for me... Summer time I'll drive something like 550 miles in one day and I do not wanna have rest of my garrage with me on ride to make sure I will make my destination without any help...
  3. Single malt is OK, Gin is OK if there is not too much tonic... beer is good (dark). Vodka is good straight up. And best one Salmiakkikossu... I'll give you round if you ever come to Finland... And after that up to a......
  4. Anything where is alcohol is OK
  5. JP_445


    If you don't look after your bike you will risk your health and life.
  6. Fuck, shit, and all other's. Big really big problems in project. Fairing set where is both sides and upper part is broken. It did fell from finishing table (yes I really have finishing table) and it did land just right on nose. Whole nose is broken also some parts of side panels. Now I need to take plan B in use. Just take molds from original fairings and make carbon ones to those molds. Desing work will be done on next winter time (did you think that I will give up so soon). Head lights, signal lights and rear will be new but all other will be like original but carbon.
  7. Some new pictures of tail added
  8. Just get use to it and speed up... After 140km/h it will end
  9. Carbon is the only one for me. All visible plastic will be carbon and the fuel tank also. I will take mold from fuel tank on this weekend and tail will be ready for mold taking on monday. Front fender is just waiting carbon work to be done. New silenser is under work as footpegs also. I did found some low price airoplane aluminium for those footpegs but plan is to do (was the correct word "rearset") from carbon but it can still wait. Next week I need to order that rubber lining for fuel tank so I don't get any fuel leaks to my ball's while driving
  10. Not yet, not yet. Still some ice on roads. 3 weeks and then ready to go (I hope)
  11. Wheels and swing is under paint job and tail will be ready for painting after easter (I hope). Couple new pictures here
  12. JP_445

    yamaha r1

    SBS or EBC if EBC then double H pads (soft and gives you really good feeling). For suspension, try with different oil and also different oil amount. First oil then if needed try different oil level.
  13. Hi again, I have been lazy and have not new photos but some progress has been in my project. Finishing job is on going for upper and side parts of fairings. Couple more rounds of plastic padding and dressing (was it correct) and paint is going to cover all that. Tail part is next to go under work and after that tank. Time is running out but I'll do my best. I just need to keep my wife happy that I will get garrage time. I promise to take some pictures of my work on this week just to keep you all happy and laughing
  14. I did use those original fairings as molds. After cleaning just drill all needed screw holes and fit original look a likes on and start to find new desing. Cutting and more fibre class and again cutting and fibre class. Tomorrow I will do underseat and start to fit new rear light (clear CBR 600 model).
  15. JP_445

    Show us yourself!

    Me Need to loose some fat...
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