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  1. "...or you could just get some foam earplugs." True but I already have moulded ones and they weren't enough! and I have a screen. I'm just getting old. Anyway, the Cobra is now sold along with the engine bars so there is no going back.
  2. Has anyone changed the standard bars for straights? I'd like to reduce the distance the bar ends travel for slow riding such as U-turns. Or does anyone have any other bright ideas?
  3. The trouble is Clarke that riding my FJR is so good that it exposes the shortcomings of the XVS. Not that I dislike the XVS, it is a great bike and if you forgive the big gap between 1st and 2nd, the gearbox is actually very good. But it isn't the most manoeverable bike (and nor is the FJR in reality). However, the reason I first bought it is that it is low and comfortable and I could go touring on it if needed and that hasn't changed. The bars have come off because I really haven't liked them since fitted, this is just my personal taste, many others like them. The Cobra I'm afraid is off because I just can't take the noise anymore! It is a really good sound, quite mellow really with the baffle, but on a long day's ride-out (200 miles plus) I've had enough. I couldn't see me going touring over 5 days (just been to the Black Forest on the FJR) as it would kill my ears. Great for town where people hear you coming but not for touring. Will I replace it; I don't know. If I could find something like an Explorer or even a GS that had a seat height of 800 then maybe but I can't see that happening so I think it will stay with me.
  4. I have advertised on EBay my Cobra 4" slip on pipe (with HardKore quiet baffle) and my genuine Yamaha engine bars if anyone is interested. This is for information only not a for sale post. It is for the benefit of like minded custom owners.
  5. Thanks Clarke. I've got most of the manuals already and I can't find any reference to checking the CO levels. I think you may have to plug into the ECU. Never mind, it's running ok anyway but I thought I might just check them and possibly have a play since I fitted the Cobra exhaust.
  6. Does anyone know if you can get to these on this bike. I've followed the normal procedure that worked on my TDM and on the FJR but all I can get on the XVS is the DIAG fields. Thanks
  7. My answer to the saddlebag issue was found in the Hepco & Becker catalogue (they also have photos of the 950 with saddlebags). The below cost me £747 all in from a UK supplier (motobins). It really depends on what look you want for your bike. If you like leather then the good thing about mine is that the bags themselves are lockable and also lock onto the bike using the same key. If you want to go touring you can take off the bags with one key turn and take them into your room. Obviously with hard cases they won't come off the bike so are secure but you would also need to use an inside bag to be able to remove things from the bike easily which will waist space. Lastest catalogue (read at your own risk) http://neu.hepco-becker.de/Downloads/Englisch_2013.pdf
  8. I use this. If you use it at the rear of the frame you lift the rear tyre and vice versa. Very simple, very stable and much less than a full centre lift. You can get them at toolbox.co.uk http://www.toolbox.co.uk/sealey-mps2-two-arm-centre-7203-109954 Its a Sealey two arm centre stand
  9. It's a matter of personal taste isn't it. I probably wouldn't go with the white sidewalls but then my bike is black. Actually I do now recall seeing a photo of the bike on an earlier post with Clarkegray where you mentioned the new hooter. I presume that you have had to install a relay for it, and do you just remove the plastic cover at that location and bolt on the horn?
  10. Great looking bike, this is the first time I've seen a photo of it although I have read lots about it. I struggle to understand the logic of the exhausts passing the MOT! Pleased I am for sure despite having spent good money on quiet baffles however, I do get a little self-conscious rocking up in town making too much noise. Shame Clarkegray has had to sell his 950.
  11. What a great idea - Get a Cobra then you can buy my spare Hard Kore quiet'ish baffle for it!!
  12. What a really great colour. I love black but your blue runs it very close. The bike doesn't look as though it would benefit from any fancy extras other than maybe a luggage rack - which will be of benefit to the pocket. I sat on one of these in the shop. The bars really seem wide - wider than the 1300. In fact I do struggle going between my 1300 and the FJR. Good buy
  13. Where do the pegs fit - in place of the boards or further forwards somewhere?
  14. I was doing Freewheelers fundraising today and went on my 1300. Lovely day and so nice to hear my new exhaust sound! Look forward to hearing your 950 views.
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