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  1. Hi, the problem does seem to be the sprockets. The gear ratios are way too low. Have spent a week trying to locate an off-the-shelf sprocket set that would fit the 600 engine and 400 wheel but without success so have got B+C express to machine a rear one for me that will convert it to a 530 chain also.
  2. I've a Yamaha FZR400 as it's a great allrounder for city use and occasional twisty roads. Fantastic handling little pocket rocket that now looks great since since I got rid of the angular seat unit and painted it a nice plain red. Had a '98 FZS600 a few years ago but was disappointed with the quality. Great bike to ride but anything that could rust was rusting (some of it badly) and the bike was at the time less than 6 years old - though admittedly it lived under a cover outside for a year. Contrast it with my first bike, a Kwaki ER5, that survived far better after 4.5 years of the same treatment. Combined with a local Yam main dealer that isn't very helpful and ridiculously expensive I plumped for a 89 VFR750FJ. Much better build quality that felt like quality where the FZS just felt cheap. Was looking for another bike and saw the ad for the FZR and remembered some rave reviews it got and bought it. Glad I did, it's a wicked little thing that has so much scope for really making your own. Have sacked the main dealer and just buy parts from the net now.
  3. Aren't Harleys just massively over-hyped bling for sad people who like polishing things? OCD springs to mind as does penis extentions and lame attempts at showing off. When all's said and done they are only slow unreliable unsophisticated dated looking motorbikes that don't go round corners and are interesting only to those hollow people who need shiny things to feel good about themselves... While I'm on the subject of things American... genocide for oil, one million dead Iraqi civilians, concentration camps in Cuba, financing Israels ethnic cleansing of Palestine, supplying corrupt 3rd world regimes with mustard gas, rigged elections, refusal to sign the Kyoto agreement on reducing CO2 emissions... Gonna live the American dream and buy myself a Harley, not.
  4. Hi Andy. The plugs should be CR9E's so a 16mm socket. Liam
  5. Does anyone one know where the best twisty roads in the peaks are? By best I mean good road surface, no cameras and no plod. Every time I've ventured out of Manchester on a sunny weekend the best bits of road I've found so far seem to be guarded/patrolled by bike cops. Liam
  6. Well that's not entirely true. It will when revved at standstill but won't while accelerating on it. It's an FZR400 3tj fitted with an FZR600 4jh engine with FZR600 3he carbs and a standard 3tj exhaust on it. Unsure which model the ignition system is from. So far have tried a bigger fuel pump, checked the carb diaphrams and tried both open and closed exhausts on it. There is no exup valve on the front pipes to be jammed closed. It has reasonably good acceleration lower down but fades towards the 8k mark. Could the ignition be at fault or would the carbs limit it (can't quite see how) or is it possibly symptomatic of some deeper issue? Maybe the front pipes are from the 400cc engine and are restricting it? Or possibly the cdi is not functioning properly? Thoughts, suggestions, similar experiences and any pointers to what may be causing this appreciated. Baffling the hell out of me. If I don't have at least some idea of what to look at I could well end up replacing everything... Liam
  7. Liam0161


    Am looking for the same thing... If anyone has this a copy would be much appreciated. Liam
  8. Try checking the carb to engine rubber isn't leaking and sucking in air. Had a Vespa ciau years ago that did the same thing and it turned out to be that. You never know it may be that simple... Liam
  9. Dya know I never thought of that lol. Now that you mention it the present sprocket does seem to be a little too small (the chain has cut through the rubber thingy and gouged the swingarm slightly) and rides quite close to the swingarm both above and below. Any suggestions for ideal front/rear sprocket teeth number combinations? Liam
  10. Hi to all. I have a pot load of questions about my recently purchased FZR400 3TJ but will list only a couple. It's a smaller wing-mirror friendly alternative to my recently sold (and sadly missed) '89 VFR750FJ. It's got an Aprillia scooter rear seat unit and race bodywork, uprated rear shocker, has been jetted, has a custom made straight through exhaust and a modified airbox with large freeflo filter. It's a quirky tarmac-hugging little thing that has a surprising turn of speed but, alas is not yet quick enough... What else is do-able to it to increase the acceleration that's within the scope of a reasonably brave home mechanic and doesn't involve taking the engine to bits? Thought about ramming air from a couple of fairing ducts straight down the carbs but not sure what that would do to the engine. Any thoughts? Can anyone explain what exactly does the power valve in a normal 3TJ exhaust actually do? I will have to get a quieter exhaust for the next MOT and would one of these help it along? And finally does anyone have a good DOHC '78-82 CB750 engine lurking in a corner of their garage? I'm getting sick of tripping over Honda bits. Or does anyone know what I should expect to pay to have the original engine rebuilt? Cheers, Liam
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