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  1. Ferg


    Happy New Year from all down in OZ.
  2. Ferg

    Bolt sizes

    I may be wrong here but dosn't the brake lines go into the bottom of the caliper?? If it does you will not be able to bleed the air out as it is at the top of the caliper.
  3. It may be from a TT 350. I think the breather on them went into a tee piece. Hope this helps. Cheers Ferg.
  4. G,day. According to this site ( http://www.merrittmotorcyclesalvage.com/yamahamodelcodes.htm ) it is a 1978 it250e. But with this site ( http://www.cmsnl.com/faq.php?fq_catid=15 ) it would be a 1978 yz400e. Hope this helps. Cheers Ferg
  5. try this site. http://www.bsy.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/2/Yamaha.aspx cheers Ferg
  6. Ferg

    Vin Number

    Could be a 1992 model. Check here http://www.motorsloop.com/index.php?main_p...roducts_id=2383 Cheers Ferg
  7. If its too upsetting for you then stop bloody mentioning it in every other post you make!!!!!! Anyway - this is a bike site not a damned dog site so back to bikes now if you please. here here
  8. G,day. Is the battery only hot when the bike is running? This would probably mean a faulty regulator. The headlight and tail light will only work when the bike is running. The bike does not have to be running for the brake light ,blinkers or horn to work. The brake light problem could be a broken wire in the loom near the head stem where the loom moves when turning but you need to rule out all other possibilities (globe ,connections ,switch etc)before pulling the loom apart. I have a service guide for the 85 xt 350 that has a wiring diagram. Just send me a PM with your email address and I can send it to you. Cheers Ferg
  9. G,day Death star. You said that it has not run since you put the ebay sourced cdi box on. What happens if you put the old cdi on? Cheers Ferg
  10. G,day Mick. I'm from Holbrook and have a '95 tt600. Great bikes. Anyway PM if you want to chat. Cheers Ferg
  11. G,day notmuchair. Did the clutch disengage before you replaced the cable?? If it did then the problem is not inside. Is the lever on top of the clutch facing the right way(not out 180 degrees)??? Cheers Ferg
  12. Fitting a smaller front sprocket????? You must want to go even slower.
  13. G,day Brian. Try this company in florida. http://www.bsy.com/ When trying to search for parts you will have to put it in as a 1967 model. Cheers and good luck Ferg
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