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  1. Hi guys,could anybody help me locate the left hand switch gear for an xt600z tenere,any help greatly appreciated
  2. Here's one you could get next time mate
  3. Remember this mate,sorry it's a bit fuzzy
  4. andy1201

    Summer touring

    West coast of Scotland is superb,Oban,Fort William,Ullapool,Durness
  5. Hi Mark, I started by taking my youngest on short trips(5 or 10 miles)to build her confidence two or three trips,the last trip was about 100miles with 3 stops,as for advice get a pillion pal(belt with handles) it's easier for small hands to hold on to than trying to hold on to your jacket,tell your son to sit close up to you and keep his body in line with yours,he can always look sideways as he probably won't see much ahead,as for you take it easy and be very alert(more than usual if you can be).Stay relaxed,you will feel any movement a pillion will make it's nothing to worry about, just be aware it will feel a bit strange for a while,your son and wife will love it,be safe mate hope this helps, Cheers Andy. .P.S make sure your kid has the right gear on,everthing zipped,velcrowed and tied before you leave then he won't have to try and sort it himself on the move
  6. Hi folks,gave in on Sunday to the begging from my youngest daughter(10) to take her for a run,she had been on all my bikes before but never very far so we headed for Peeble's,the weather was crap but she thought it was great and we got the biggest chocolate eclair I've ever seen from a bakery in Kilcadzow(took 4 to finish it),think she's a future biker
  7. Last time I pulled I ended up married with 3 kids(17 years today)could have killed and been out quicker So no thanks
  8. I'm not as pretty as the bike or the scenery Maybe take the wife with me next time!!!
  9. The bike's cool but the castle's f**kin freezing
  10. Try the A701 as well mate,very fast sweepers
  11. Hi mate,that's the road from St mary's loch to Moffat,cool eh!!!!
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