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  1. I'm looking for the front and rear suspension torque specs for an 87/88 FZR 1000. I'm swapping the FZR suspension on to an '85 FZ 750. Any help would be great. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Clarke, How are you doing? Just wanted to say hi and see how school/work is going. Things are good here although I've been sick off and on for a month! Bronchitis and colds... just won't go away. Drop a line when you can, Kevin
  3. Graham, After seeing the pics I just "figured out" that G. Beale and Graham were the same guys! Good to hear from you... I'm impressed with your fabrication skills, the rear end on your bike is looking sweet! Saw on another post you might pick up Glenn's 750 motor. Hell of a deal for 50 pounds. You're making great progress, I'm going to borrow some inspiration from you and get back in the garage. Take care, Kevin
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I'm a firm believer you get back what you give so to speak. The help and information I've received on all of the forums has been phenomenal. It makes my day when someone else benefits even in a small way from what all of us here are trying to accomplish so thanks again. I've been dragging my butt lately on my build but progress is just around the corner. What are you working on? Kevin
  5. Here are some pics of a very nice '85 FZ 750 project with an '87/'88 FZR 1000 engine, swingarm, front end and wheels as well as some choice aftermarket goodies. The builder's name is Glenn and he has done a meticulous job right down to the last nut and bolt. What I would give for a ride on this motorcycle. In stock trim. Getting started. Stripped down. Coming together. Rebuilt and refinished FZR 1000 engine. Centerstand removal required for FZR shock, linkage and swingarm. Getting close. Final version. Doesn't get much nicer than this. Kudos Glenn...
  6. Fabiano, That is a beautiful restoration mate! Could you write about the process, what was replaced, original condition ect? Great pics as well...
  7. Got your pm about your account. Send an email to the moderator and he can probably get you squared away. When you get your picture post back send it to me. I'm jazzed about getting the rear end on. I'm getting all the machine work together to get it done at the same time. Here's the paintjob I would like eventually to get done: Ways to go before that happens... Stay in touch
  8. Today I finished the cutting and grinding, figured out I would have to lose the centerstand which pains me greatly, but off it went. I'm happy with how it turned out. Also, my friend Chris in Missouri told me about Chaparral Motorsports and they had the Yamaha RR wheel spacer I needed that the local Yamaha Dealer said was a discontinued part. Hell of a good day! Here are some pics: Centerstand had to go and I'll miss it dearly, I'm old and I like centerstands that come with the bike... The 750 bolt and bushing on the left, the shorter FZR 1000 bushing on the right. The stock shock was made by Ohlins. The FZR bushing needs to be drilled or machined to accept the larger diameter 750 mounting bolt. Different ID's on the two bushings. All done but for paint. Everything but a rr wheel spacer and two 6mm spacers for the linkage. That's a 170/60/18 Metzler on there.
  9. Hey, I know it's a Suzuki but anyone who looks at this restoration will be impressed, I know I was. The builder's nickname is Uncle Larry and he has had his work shown in the American Flyers section of Cycle World magazine. The paint work is incredible as well as everything else he puts his mind to. For anyone whose heart is still hooked on the early superbike years this is a treat you will appreciate. The passion for motorcycles and the attention to detail are clearly evident and it shows. Enjoy... http://spokanesriver.com/Uncle-Larry---blog/3840668
  10. Please delete this post.
  11. After getting some help from a rider in England who completed the FZR 1000 swingarm swap onto an FZ 750, I gave the swap another try. After a bit of cutting and grinding last night I got the swingarm fit up with the FZR shock and linkage. Here are a few pics: Swingarm, shock and linkage installed, still a bit more grinding to do to clean up and give plenty of clearance. Prior to grinding off centerstand spring clip and material from both mounting ears. After grinding, it all lines up. Discovered that the 750 linkage bolt is a larger diameter than the 1000 bolt. Used a rear engine mount bolt from the 750 (note the long bolt) that was the right diameter. I think I can have the 1000 bushing machined out to accept the 750 mounting bolt. I haven't given up the idea of keeping the centerstand which is why I didn't just whack the whole lower ear off. I'll see today if that's a pipe dream or not. More grinding to do to give clearance for linkage bolthead and nut.
  12. Hey Robert, That is one the sweetest and cleanest rides I have seen in a while. Well done...
  13. To begin with, I'm not experienced as an engine builder. The FZ 750 engine I'm taking apart now is really the first time for me and I'm learning as I go. I have been corresponding with CP3 on this website as he is undertaking an engine rebuild with similar experience as my own. The OS pistons and rings are expensive here as well. I don't have any info on the gearboxes, bearings and performance increases outside of the usual carb kit and air intake mods. Here are a couple other FZ sites with experienced gearheads that might help. Good luck and thanks for the inquiry... Kevin PS One problem and thing to look into is the starter clutch assy as long as the engine is torn down and the cases split. Check and replace the springs and dowels in the starter clutch itself. The bike I'm rebuilding has that problem and I'm putting off taking my one running engine apart to fix it right now. The other engine I'm tearing down is a learn as I go thing which will help when I get around to fixing my "good" bike... http://fzronline.com/forum/index.php?sid=5...c0a69bf7b4e522b http://fzronline.com/forum/index.php?sid=5...c0a69bf7b4e522b http://www.bikepics.com/yamaha/fz750/
  14. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the info, so now we know!
  15. Jim, I see you are rebuilding an FS 1. What US model is an FS 1? Any pics? Thanks, Kevin
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