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  1. Hi ive got exactly the same bike with exactly the same problem ive had it in bike shop for about four months, and 700 quid later they gave up, they said it was electrical to start with and two months of investigation later from the so called authorised yamaha dealer found nothing wrong.. then they said it was fuel/carburetor problem and after another two months two cdi units new plugs and a new set of carbs it was still the same and they still wouldnt admit they couldnt sort it so i told them to bring it back and now it doesnt work at all, so much for yamaha dealer.. the few things ive found on the interneck are: yzf750 tuning story or "Why some it's hard to believe some people." TECH Notes: 1. Check needle jets for wear! 2. EXUP motor (or similar) MUST be attached or engine will not rev above 4000 rpm Above quote is here there's some more links on this website as well, from what ive found you have to make sure the exup valve cables are adjusted properly no more thn 1.5 mm of play and that it is operating properly. let me know how you get on I still cant get mine going after the shop returned it
  2. Thanks thats a lot lot clearer than anything ive seen so far, but i still need the hieght setting the fzr is different from the yzf, at the moment mine are at about 12 mm and i dont know whether theyre right or not, or what to set them to. Thanks Phil
  3. Hi Any one any ideas how to set float hieghts on yzf 750r (93 model) haynes manual dont tell you much other than fuel level , how can i set floats with carbs off without putting them togethet filling with fuel then stripping down again, ive seen a guage for doing this but that dont give the hieght settings, Thanks Phil
  4. Help.. Help..Please I have a yzf 750r 93-94 model with a Factory pro kit installed, not sure which one but it has k&n foam filters on the carbs. It wont rev above 4000 revs and cant figure out why (nor can my local bike shop), can anyone let me know exactly what mods are made to the carbs please, it was done when i bought the bike and i have no info on it. I noticed on factory pro site it says bike wont rev above 4000 if exup motor or similar is not installed ,can anyone tell me exactly what this means and why it wont rev above 4000 because this is exactly the problem i have and the exup motor seems to be working fine. can you please help its getting embarassing when vw beetles are out dragging me from the lights. Please help i'm desperate.... Thanks Phil Also looking for a set of standard carbs
  5. Hello, I have a problem with rev limiter coming in at 3000 revs on a yzf 750r but if i flick the engine run switch off and back on its ok for a bit then it does it again, weve tried everything fuel side and plugs leads and cdi units, also reserve switch on and off, nothings cured it yet, anyone heard of this problem or experienced anything like it any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Phil.
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    Hi Look here ( http://www.wizardsofnos.com/index2.html ) goto prices tab youll find bike kit They installed mine , BUT you have to have it disabled for general road use I couldnt find an insurace company in the country to insure it with the nos system on and operational, that was last year though so you could search around. Any way apart from the nos kit you also need a maximiser to control it and a purge system and preferably an electronic quickshifter for the gears ( you dont want to be pulling the clutch in with nos engaged ) I would also advise that you have it installed by proffessionals such as those above, but they can be fitted at home, however if not fitted properly and set up correctly they can go bang, as well as blowing your engine they can be as dangerous as bombs, the nos is under very high pressure and any high pressure oxidizer in proximity to high octane fuel is dangerous and they do come together in the engine and can explode if uncontrolled. I dont want to put you off but do a lot of research ask a lot of questions and if you dont feel totally confident about fitting very high pressure oxidizing gasses to your fuel system then dont do it, however if you do or have it fitted for you good luck with it id like to see some pics of it when it finished. Phil
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