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  1. Well yeah that was what i had planed to do all along but after test riding the 05 model theres no way i'd get one which has the R6 engine, if they did the older Thundercat engine in the new shape then maybe, But even so the Fazer is 2 insurance groups higher than the SV/v-strom and at 25 those 2 groups are a big difference I dunno, I think the shop will get pissed of with me test riding all there bikes But i want to get rid of the divvy soon as it will be needing a service and new tyres so don't want to waste £350 on a bike i don't really want anymore. I Guess i just need to make up my own bloody mind and bite the bullet thanks for you help and advice anyway Stay safe Mark.
  2. ah ok thanks for that, the following is from this website motorcycle daily "The new windscreen proved to be a big improvement (at least on this initial ride) over the old design on the 1000. I only sampled the lower of the three positions, but wind buffeting was noticeably less than it was behind the stock screen on the 1000 last year." but i guess its a big difference from one person to the next, I don't know what to do, ( well i may as well test ride it) but i'm still not sure if its for me, .. I'm 25 after all, i should be riding sports bikes but on the other hand i know i will have to go shopping and get to work every day on it. .. Oh decisions decisions! seeing as you have had more bikes than i can name! do you have any mind altering advice ? Thanks again Mark.
  3. Hiya peeps, Was just catching up with the forum and saw this post, I am atm looking to get a new bike, last week i had a test ride on the SV650 and a Fazer600 (the new model which is a pile of s**t) so that kinda left me with the SV which i thought was excellent i loved everything about it apart from the riding position (clip on bars mostly) I know there is the naked version but i don't really like the look of it, so the only other one is the V-strom 650, was it the 650 or the 1000cc that you had? in some reviews i have read they say the buffeting had been sorted out on the 650, but if you had one and still had trouble theres no point me getting a test ride. only other thing to decide is, get the nice looking / wrist aching SV650, or the safe, soothing dual sports (that i would never need to take anywhere near off road) v-strom ) Thanks Mark. P.S I Hope everyone is well and keeping it upright now winter is here!
  4. Congrats Mate nice one. Take care on them roads, I agree theres no need to be trying to get top speed, just take it easy and have fun ( beating "Gary Boyz"-"Boy Racers" off the lights ) you gotta love it!
  5. Divvy_Rider

    bad vibes

    Hiya bob. I ride a 600, and have the same problems, and so has everyone else i know of. the only thing that helps a bit is to try not to grip the bars to tight, (easier said than done on bumpy roads! ) and stay out of the buzzy rev range -- on the 600 it's around the 4K rev range where you get the nasty vibes, i think its the same on the 900 isn't it?. other than that the only other thing i do is wear thick(ish) winter gloves all year round Roll on pay rise, so i can start saving for a Fazer 6 one day ........
  6. Hehe damn right, .. Im told that it is a Pan European!!
  7. hiya i found this link on the diversion forum it a 40mb video of about 5 laps of cadwell park, http://www.motorcyclefolly.co.uk/gallery/d...?album=16&pos=0 I don't think me or the divvy could handle that, looks fun tho Hehe Mark.
  8. Hiya. Congrats on the divvy Twisted, I have had mine for 1 year in 4 days and i have to say i have loved pretty much every second spent on it, I agree with every else, it is a great 1st bike and forget about the brake lines and fork springs, going from a 125 it will feel better in every way and it won't even enter your mind, you will be too busy watching the speedo, and listening to the lovely Roar it makes when the revs get up .. i know i still do As soon as i got home from work today i went for a 70 mile blast and it still feels as great as the day i picked it up, your gonna have a lot of fun. right now for some tech stuff 0 to 80mph is great (it scared the crap outta me the first time i tried mind you my last bike was only a 100cc ) 80 to 110 takes a bit of time and i get a fair bit of buffeting over 80 ( mostly just my head, im 6ft that might be why) so i tend not to go much faster than that on long straight runs And if you get caught speeding 2 times you will lose your licence (3 points each time, 6 points max for the first 2 years) (i think its the first 2 years??) so it's not worth speeding unless you know the road will be clear of cops and cameras. The only bad thing about the divvy is the vibrations at 4K revs this is a problem with all divvys so don't worry I have found that a regular oil / filter change keeps it from getting too bad, and if you stay above or below 4K everything is nice and smooth so its not too much of a problem, it anoyed me at first but you get use to it soon enough. hope this helps have fun. Mark.
  9. Your never too old for games, .. Nothing wrong with a bit of 4play is there?
  10. Divvy_Rider

    Making Love

    Thats the dogs bollox! Lovin it.
  11. Ahh Cromer a great place for a blast, ( apart from all the kiddies on the 125s ) Oh well I guess they are the future bikers, .. emm Mark.
  12. mate, hope you have a good one Mark.
  13. It's my Birthday today, (25th) .. So i took mon/tues off work, so thought i'd make the most of it and have a Bday ride, it was only a 45mile trip but it was still good, and it's the first time i have riden at speed for ages, it scared the shit outta me on the first few long roads but i got back in to the swing of it soon enough, mind you trying to hold a decent riding line was a joke, I was all over the place .. I must get out for more joy rides, and if the weather stays like this that won't be a problem. have fun peeps
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