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  1. yep in the uk a bike up to 125 is classed as a learner bike and at 17years+ on learner plates and a cbt (compulsary basic training) this is all you can ride untill either you pass your lightweight motorcycle test which then entitles you to ride i think a bike of no more than 33bhp for three years then i think you can ride bigger bike, or at 21years+ you can just take a direct access normally on a er5 or a 600 bandit which once passed you can ride anything. but if a 17 year old passes his lightweight cat he can ride anything as long as it is restricted to 33bhp (if they can afford the insurance) but can you imagine a gsxr600 restricted to 33bhp it wouldnt be worth it lol and as for the xt 125 being slow even restricted it shouldnt be that slow but if it is the case than your man here should be right as thats were they usually restrict them. a road legal race exhaust or drilling the restrictor out i would have thought would do it?
  2. omg what a chimp as if any normal person would sign such a load of old bollyox how is it harming him??? his efforts should be to help get the road surfaces safe for bikers if the death toll upsets him so, and maybe better training to avoid some of the problems caused by ignorant car drivers. but yeh i do agree there are some irresponsable riders out there who do daft stuff an give the rest of us a bad name. but what about the 17(+) year old chav in his souped up citroen cliterous no driving exsperience but yet if he can afford the insurance he can drive what ever he likes!!! i know lots of young unns that have total'd their cars including my brother,cousin and brother in law (he broke 5 cars in his first year then banned for driving like a t**t) so what we gonna do next try and ban motor cars me thinks not. but to jump up onto ones high horse and try to mess it up for the rest of us is just plain rude and i think mr jordan sould just stick to what he knows best and in my opinion is sweet F.A but i got to say cheers for pointing that out the signatures are brilliant what next eh????
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