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  1. Yippee, passed ma theory this morning I was well chuffed as I got 50/50 for the multi "guess" bit and 58/75 for the hazard perception. I've booked my A2 practical but jangling nerves mean I'm keeping the date to myself (sorry!). I had my first go at u-turns during my lesson yesterday, did some fairly good and some bloomin awful so loads of practice now required. Cheers. Amanda
  2. Yeah work the curse of the biking classes Still gotta pay for the toys and trips somehow I suppose I'm having no flippin luck with the lottery
  3. I've got a 56 plate YBR too, so stupid girlie comment comin up - what's wrong with using the kick start to kick it over? Or is it so drained that the always on headlight etc just kills it? Forgive the ignorance, I'm really not sure! I have left mine a week, outside, under a heavy duty cover in what is now colder and damper weather and it fires up without any real bother at all. You said you don't use the bike much - how long are you leaving it between rides? The fact that I have to leave the choke on for 6 days (or at least it feels that bloomin long) is beside the point of this thread but is the only real problem I get with mine. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, hoping to learn summat. Cheers. Amanda
  4. Cherish your memories and talk about them, and your lost child, often. Perhaps consider some grief counselling and if you're in the UK and you have other children look up Winston's Wish Web site Click Here they can be incredibly helpful. Above all else don't be afraid to cry and allow yourself time. You will never forget them but the raw pain will ease to something just bearable and then you can keep your memories close for ever. Luv and prayers to you and yours. Amanda
  5. GirlieRider

    New Here

    Hi Steve Congrats on the test and the purchase - you'll have to compare notes with Beckie! Enjoy the Forum they're a knowledgeable lot, just don't mind if they wind you up now and then - it's usually harmless fun Amanda
  6. GirlieRider


    Sorry to my Auzzie cousins and Auzzies I've met through this Forum but . . .
  7. Wow, cheers Tomo! Dramatic scenery and dramatic weather too!
  8. Texas Criminal for pete's sake contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation as per this link (taking a wild guess as to which part of the US you're in here!) Click here - PLEASE! Do it BEFORE you buy a bike please and take a Basic Rider Course, it's GREAT fun, teaches you heaps and ASK them about bikes to buy. Please, please, please, for me, pretty please! You're scaring me!!!!!!!!! Amanda
  9. HELP Tomo someone I need a scenery fix here!!!! I need piccies, now. As opposed to a whisper fix that is (see thread elsewhere) - caramel or otherwise, yuk Amanda
  10. Right, that's it, where's the phone number of the flippin estate agents?!!!!!!!!! Now, where to move to?
  11. Apologies to all, I went away and thought about what I'd written and I'm really sorry. I'm on a downer about Suffolk at the moment generally for all sorts of reasons but that's no excuse. I'll take me and my grumpy mood away from the Forum for a while and will come back smiling and more pleasant to be around in due course. Again apologies. Tomo hope you're having a brill time, and Andy if you hooked up. Amanda
  12. I know but hah Yoda betcha not ridden round Northumberland then huh, huh?!!! Till ya have ya can't talk about scenery with any real authority Ok I'm away off to sit on the naughty stair for a while Amanda
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