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  1. Anyway,I do agree with the latter part of your post title,Yamahas are for homos as in homo sapien,that is modern humans.I would much rather be a homo sapien than what you must be to be so derogatory about others and their choices.
  2. Who cares if a yamaha or for that matter any other bike make is not a harley,harley is just another bike make.Nice and desireable though they are,they are a bit out of the reach of some people who like the style of bike,not to mention learners who have every right to own and drive that style if they like it. Maybe there would be more harley drivers if that company saw the interest from learners and produced it's own 125.Kudos to the Japanese for recognising this fact,it just has to be better for their sales and good luck to them. I mean this bike comparing thing,is all too much like boys and their toys,'mines better than yours'etc. Or for an adult thing,a compensation device for things lacking,the bike does'nt make the man. Why not just enjoy what you ride and respect others and their choices
  3. Just sold my car,and am looking to learn to ride a bike,the future in personal transport as I see it well for me it is anyway.I want an xvs 125 as my first bike and have about a grand to spend,is this a reasonable amount for one of these bikes,or should I save more? I know it all depends on condition,mileage etc,but would just like to know if I should be looking for a bike now,as I am transportless,or perhaps wait a bit until I get some more cash.Condition,well,as long as it goes and is all there is my interest.
  4. Am not particularly familiar with bike mechanics,but they can't be that much different from car mechanics.From what you say it sounds like a sticking solenoid.Someone correct me if I am wrong,but the solenoid is supposed to chuck out a gear to engage the starter gear on the engine,so there is less current drain on the battery caused by a constant meshing starter gear. Remedy,try cleaning the terminals on the solenoid,and the wires to it,with sand paper until they are bright and shiny,reconnect and smear with vaseline,tighten nuts.Try it,it might work,it might just be dirty or corroded contacts.If it doesn't,there are voltages that can be checked
  5. Hehe,got rid of the car,but for 500 quid less than I wanted,so that affects how much I can spend on an xvs 125.Was looking to pay circa 1500,but now hope to get one for less,hope,hope.Also I am picky,it has got to be a black bike(my car was black and silver,my push bike is black and silver,got to carry on with the theme). Everything I have found on the xvs 125 says it is a good solid bike,but not great on speed,which is ok,as I am in it for style.
  6. Hi, As I said in my introduction,I am soon to be a learner,and quite like the XVS Dragstar,it was what brought me to Yamaha(love v-twins). What I would like to ask of you more experienced folk here,any oppinions on the XVS 125,is it a worthwhile first bike and if I may ask,what weak points do they have,something I should look for when buying? I have a friend with a Thundercat,who promises to help me with the buying,but this style of bike is different to his,is there any real difference apart from the obvious engine and style?
  7. Greetings to all, I am not yet a biker,but soon will be,well a learner at least.Got to start somewhere.I am here on the Yamaha forums,because though I may be a learner,I am wanting a Yamaha bike,something I may well have within a few weeks,well hoping so that is,(just as soon as someone is daft enough to buy my car to finance my new life).Why Yamaha,well I have fell in love with an XVS125.Maybe here I can get some advice on my chosen bike and indeed motorcycling in general.
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