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  1. i just charged the battery and put it back together. I tried starting it and all i got was a loud like electric shreek from the ecu it sounded like.
  2. its not clicking when i push the start button, just when i let go and do nothing
  3. I can't find any info on a starter solenoid for my bike. i'll keep trying
  4. i'll check it out, but why would there be in clicking in the ecu area
  5. I have had my 03 R6 on a trickle charger for about 1 week or so. I went to start it up and when I tried it just made a grinding sound. I stopped pushing the start button immediately and I heard a "ticking sound" kind of sounded like a relay of some sort. I think it is coming from the left side of the bike (when you are behind) kind of by the ecu, in the side part of the tail. Is there an easy fix of this, or is there something I can do to reset it. Is there a test I can do on the ecu to see if that is still good? oh yeah i did a voltage test and with the key out of the i
  6. there is no adjustment at the clutch end.... is there anything i can do?
  7. is that pretty self explanitory once i get to the clutch end?
  8. I am having an issue with my 04 yzf600. I adjusted the clutch lever so that it is up to manufacters specs. now it engages really late, like the lever is almost stopped before engaging. is there an easy fix for this? the bike does not even have 9k on it.
  9. Anyone know where i can get a service/repair manual for a 2004 yzf600?
  10. I want to remove the wheels, but need to know what to use to jack it up off the ground. my dad has a motorcycle jack, but that would ruin the fairings right? i saw something called a swing arm stand but i dont get how they work. what would you guys prefer?
  11. I just bought a yzf600, i am wondering which manual is the right one for that bike. I cant find one specifically for that model, is it the one for the r6? it is a 2004.
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