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  1. I'm really happy for you and anyone who has just got a step up in biking. Its the end of the biking season unless you wish to use it over the winter, so make your mind up to ride it or polish it over the salty winter. Whatever you choose, great stuff!
  2. The battery is shot, buy another.
  3. It could be two things. Air is being sucked in via the butterfly spindles or the mounting gasket. Secondly, the air valve for the main jet or the diaphragm, I don't know which type of carb you have, is leaking. If you stop the air getting in after the petrol, you are on a winner.
  4. You can do a straight change of bulbs but by increasing the Wattage, you are more likely to burn out the switch to the lights. You will also note that the cables are warmer.
  5. That late? You were lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. No does not sound good but if the battery is dry, it's meaningless. The battery is shot so put a new one in. The reason its shot might be that the voltage to it is too high and boiled it. I would expect to see about 13v at idle and not more that 18v above idle.
  7. I hope your not getting a beasting! I had a great time at Halton, I hope you do, however I was not in the RAF at the time. Have you seen the Vulcan? They really did land it on grass to get it there. Good luck, 8 weeks will fly by.
  8. I don't think that they are made to be repaired and that your only chance is to buy another.
  9. It is very likely that it is a pressure relief valve. It could also be used as a one way valve as it will shut when the pressure on the engine side goes down.
  10. Could be a rich cut or there is still something wrong with the fuel system. Is there enough fuel coming out of the tank?
  11. It could be that with all of the extra flow of gas into the cylinder, its trying to ignite too late. With the extra rpm from push starting (it could be a dodgy starter motor) the bike will fire.
  12. It is always 'buyer beware' in this country.
  13. After the changes you have made, the ignition timing will be out. Try advancing it a bit.
  14. If it's dirt in the fuel, you have a lot of cleaning to do.
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