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  1. Hello Zappa, Sorry can't help you. I suggest that you get in touch with Yamaha Europe's technical guys. Go to their web site and get a phone number, they cannot be emailed. Good luck.
  2. The new XT660RandX have poor fuelling at low throttle openings. Yamaha have a "fix" for this. Owners who are concerned should go to their dealer. Ask him to contact Yamaha, who will give the dealer details of the fix. It works very well! My bike runs a lot better.
  3. XT Alan

    Waxy crap

    Sounds like Waxoil to me. Halfords sell it. I use GP Products' "Ride and Protect." J&S sell it. It is a wax that you spray on and it sets hard and lasts through washes and everything. Also ACF 50 is good - this is like a super WD40. It doesn't wash off and you can spray it over all the electrics and the engine. They use it in the Aircraft and Marine World,
  4. I don't have personal experience of the XT600, but if you have a look at this month's Motorcycle Sport and Leisure, you will find an article by a couple who took a couple of them to Russia in Winter! Their website is: http://www.iceride.com The gear they used is on this site. Have fun! XT Alan
  5. Transalp = Rantslap. You have been warned!
  6. Well, I'm now up to 4,000 miles and the XT is still performing very well. It is just a brilliant bike. The rear tyre was shot at 4,000 miles and the replacement cost £95 including fitting and wheel balancing. Decals are slowly but surely coming away and I have a new set coming from Yamaha, which I will not put on. I'll keep them for when/if I sell the bike.
  7. Yamahas: WF450 2 Trac M1 Bulldog Others: KTM950 Kawasaki ZX10 BMW 1200GS
  8. Have fun. I'll look out for you.
  9. XT Alan

    Disfunctional joke

    This is a good joke. My Ph D Physicist son laughed out loud.
  10. XT Alan

    Yamaha Bulldog

    I think the Bulldog is a really fine looking bike. The engine is from one of the Yamaha cruisers and I don't think it is much of a hooligan from what I've read. The engine puts out about 60bhp and shaft drives use quite a bit of power. So, it is probably be a relaxed laid back tourer type bike. I was thinking of getting one a while ago and I'm sure you'll enjoy owning it. Bike has performance figures at the back.
  11. XT Alan

    what a ad

    If I had money to risk, I would definitely give KTMs a go. They are brilliant looking machines and the company seems to have a lot of flair.
  12. The good news: The headlight is superb.
  13. There is a serious side to this: We know that half of the Hondas we buy are made in Spain, Italy and the USA. Therefore the only Japanese only manufacturers are now Suzuki and Kawasaki. Kawasaki's latest line of off roaders/adventure bikes are actually 100% Suzukis. Therefore Suzuki will turn out making the BEST bikes. I've always been a Suzuki enthusiast, so I won't need an excuse to "Ride the Winds of Change" if my XT proves to be unreliable and I move on. Roll on the new DRZ 450. I'm bitten by the dual purpose bug, so the V Strom is out.
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