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  1. Been riding 47yrs owner of same Kettle for 45yrs...have a YZF 750, Tenere 1991, Aprilia Futura, Bandit, and last 4yrs restoring a TDR250. Moving more into lighter bikes as the old bones get harder to swing a leg. Live in West Yorkshire as many will know hacmve some great roads on the doorstep and within reach.. Cheers
  2. Hi all new to site hopefully your put me right. Have had my TDR 5yrs have stripped the seized wreck and rebuilt whole bike past 3yrs. I now have it running sweet on premix on the bench. I took photos as stripped but cannot detect where vac to fuel cock pipe goes. Have done away with water supply for icing so these in/out let's are redundant. Cannot feel a suction on other port either left or right carb. Can anyone send a few snaps of their plumbing around the carbs. Thanks
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