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  1. my dt has a 200 main jet standard, so wondering what the general size main jet others have gone up to? I've just fitted full fresco expansion and gianelli tail pipe , standard air filter I was thinking maybe a 240 ish ? any help appreciated
  2. I fitted the devmoto combined cdi & power valve controller last month , now absolutely perfect. 1st kick starting every time
  3. Hi guys , anyone fitted one of these? bought from manufacturer but no instructions included. atb j
  4. I got same bike and same issues, did you sort it I'm about to change stator as that's only part I've not changed.
  5. I have same problem with my mk3 dt125 lc it'll run one day then not the next, I've changed coil, new cdi , cleaned carb just pulse coil on stator to change, if that fails to be problem I will be scrapping it and selling in bits.
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