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  1. Some people need to get a FUCKING life.
  2. Tym

    Message for JMW!

    "If you tell no lies. You have less to remember"
  3. Yet, the average IQ went down by 72% :?:
  4. Tym

    My town hit it big

    And Cops refuse to give dirt bikes tickets, i've tried everything, they just look the other way like they werrnt watchin :? A nutter pic from today, the nicest weather i've ever seen in August in CT, incredible 8)
  5. Tym

    My town hit it big

    The funny part is my klr is faster, more comfortable, handles better, goes farther, longer... And costs half as much 8) Yet has 0 of the image... people dont even know its a motorcycle I couldnt be happier
  6. Tym

    My town hit it big

    Herrs a pic of my old hemoroid maker, only HD i've owned... CouldNT ride it farther than 25 miles without being in pain... Its a 90 4 speed... Kept it 4 years, sold it fir what i paid fir it new a day after the ad went in the paper... Check out the rear sets 8)
  7. Tym

    My town hit it big

    If i buy, its gotta be made in the land of the Ry Zen Sun 8) Dem little nippers make the best chit
  8. Tym

    My town hit it big

    Was thinkin, they rent touring bikes fir $700 a week, unlimited milage... i dont tour that much, instead of trying to save fir a sport tourer, i could just just rent a full dressed electra glide in blue 8) When i wanted to go far away. Lets see, betcha i could do at least 5000 miles in a week, those bikes last what, 50,000 miles as rentals? i dunno... So, fir $700 i get to use up how much value on a $25,000 motorcycle :?: Didnt know this was going to be a math puzzler, did ya :wink: Seems to me renting is better than buying, if we are talking about HD's
  9. Tym

    My town hit it big

    The second biggest tourist attraction in Delaware: http://www.mikesfamous.com Is building a 6 million dollar "tourist destination" as the company rep called it :roll: in my town up by the new super stop and shop Oh yea, i guess they will sell a few cycles, never near MSRP i hear... My town will be the epicenter of motOrcyclin in the North East USA 8) On sunny summer sundays thats iz :wink:
  10. Tym

    What a fucking Dork!

    The're a dime a dozen in the States 8) Most have to switch teams cause the're not enuf "qualified" guys to go around
  11. In Asia & the former countries known as the USSR~ That Yam could hold the whole family
  12. I always wanted a trials bike, butt imnot into the hard core trials bikes of today, that looks fun :twisted:
  13. They say 1974, i've never seen a enduro with a seat like that, they said it was rare, i think they werre right
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