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  1. found on ebay but two shapes possible : https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/18043525883 part number (s) https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya/yamaha/flasher-relay-assy-34L833502000
  2. https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-srx600sc-1986_model9182/flasher-relay-assy_4h78335070/ this is not be the right model but it shows the shape. It must be housed in a rubber wrapping of same shape wih lugs. Try under the seat. the CMSNL site is well organized but I cannot find a 98 SRX ! Sorry
  3. on the electrical side, the darter and ignition are subject to a set of switches operated by : prop stand, clutch lever, Neutral. some Diodes are included (2 +1) in the circuit. The switches can be bypassed if you have the scheme and if you are prepared to work the related wiring(see: colours of wires) or connectors. Now the fuel pump will need enough crankshaft turns to pump fuel up to the carbs .Its is operated by the successive pressure pulses in the inlet tract. So need a strong battery or the help of a car battery although there is not much space to connect to the usual m/c battery lugs. Cheers.
  4. hello I like the general idea of an integral oil tank very Mucho. Don't know how thick the metal is though. the bike I just bought (in bits) has a cracked engine /frame lug (bottom left, aft) and the prop stand bracket is gone. I will have to subcontract the job. Any advice please on thicknesses, angle reinforcement. Thanks and merci bien.
  5. hello, have just bought one in November 21 and hope to help. Your electrical circuit seem oK if you getit to run a few short times. You have fuel flow to the carb with the vacuum pump I understand. So my advice is to dismantle the carb and clean it. They... sell gaskets and seals. But I have yet to discover the weird carb device details. bon courage à vous.
  6. hello BH 2.5, I have just joined the Forum looking for a " SZR 660" topic. I also like restoration of british machinery in particular a certain long -lasting Velocette Venom conversion. gabu (Georges ) from Normandy.
  7. gabu

    SZR 660

    HELLO ALL first a Happy New Year to you and people you care about. (and your bikes). I am a french-speaking newcomer on this Forum and I wish to join the SZR "buffs" or entusiasts. I bought a to-be-finished 1996 SZR in poor condition, and spares to complete it. Please indicate if such a topic exists.
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