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  1. Hi, All, I'd be up for a potter out. The only drawback I have is being a troglodyte in the tourist industry means that I need plenty of notice to try to get a weekend off, especially during the high season. Apart from that - I'm game... Cheers Red
  2. Yeah, I'm keen to replace both as soon as possible, Cynic. I realise that the Yam is VERY different to the big tourers I've had in the past; but surely not so different in stability. I generally replace tyres as a pair before they are u/s, too, unless one has suffered catastrophic damage early on - to me it just seems like common sense. Hopefully there are others out there who will chip in their tuppence worth, and I'll have a bit of a steer as to what to go with. Cheers, Cynic. Red
  3. Hi, Cynic, thanks for replying. I thought about the spokes and headstock, both appear to be good. The bike is 2000 reg, and only done 8.5k; so the tyres are good - although I must admit I hadn't thought of checking the date stamp. I know the front needs changing in the next thousand or so miles, and the rear has a bit more on it. I'm trying to find out if this is a common issue with the K555s regardless of their age (before I fork out for another set), and whether there is a better alternative. I've spent hours trawling for information, but most of it seems to point to tubeless tyres (Michelin, Metzler, Pirelli, etc) for alloy wheels - although both the 1100 Custom, and Classic models come with spoked wheels. Cheers Red
  4. Greetings all, from sunny Derbyshire, I look forward to chatting to you, and who knows possibly meeting up in the real world. I've just bought a XVS1100 Dragstar Custom after a long long time riding big tourers - blimey what a change So, be prepared for me picking all of your brains as to best bits, bobs, and tinkering to carry out. Cheers all Keep it shiny side up Red
  5. Hi, all, I have recently bought a XVS1100 Dragstar custom which has Dunlop K555s front and rear. The machine wriggles like a greased weasel when it encounters a joint or tar-snake on the road. I have upped the pressures to 40psi, resulting in only a mild improvement. I can't believe that this is the natural characteristic of the machine, nor has it ever been dropped of damaged - so it must be the tyres. So, over to you, my fellow XVS pilots - what would be your recommendation, and why. Your input would be gratefully received, and may well save me forking out for a different set of tyres that still don't do the job. Cheers for your time Red
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