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  1. I had two highschool girls leaving school give me the thumbs up when I was turning at a 4way. So I jumped on the gas in 1st and then went to switch to 2nd but put it in nuetral and redlined it and you know how it is when you hit neutral suddenly. You lerge forward some. I felt like a tool. Which I thought was funny. And one time while parked at a space where the main flow of traffic goes right by you. A guy comes by and says "Nice bike man". Also for the guys out there who think you have to have a brand new GSXR,R1,600rr,etc to impress the ladies. You don't. Girls see a motorcycle that looks somewhat sporty and they think "Fast" and "Cool". Even guys think that who aren't around motorcycles. Even on my 94 SecaII a girl who use to own a CBR600 F4i(My favorite bike) loved my bike and wanted to go on rides with me. Even though she owned a bike that could stomp mine. What I did hate is if you are passing some kids they always want you to wheelie. But I couldn't on my bike so I'd just rev it knowing they are disappionted.
  2. DWAI stands for Driving While Ability Impaired. It's a DUI(Driving under the Influence) or DWI(Driving While Intoxicated). He was either drunk, high, stoned, etc. Personally how the hell do you get a DUI 25years ago? He must have been completely F'd up. Even though I'd never agree to the law I wish they'd come up with a DWACPSUYA law. What does that mean? Driving With A Cell Phone Stuck Up Your Ass. Freaking cagers. Statue of Limitations had to run out on that charge so I wouldn't worry about it. Worste thing they can do is tell your friend "Sorry but we see you got a DUI 25years ago so we can't hire you".
  3. I got a Yamaha because that's all I could afford. But I recently sold my Yamaha XJ600 to purchase a project bike through the wintertime. It's a 1996 Honda CBR600 F3 that someone decided to take apart and can't put back together. Right now I'm sanding the rattle can black off that the previous owner put down. My buddy is drawing up a paint design and I should have it running fairly soon. I'll only buy Japanese. The only reason I wouldn't is if I lived in the mountains and wanted a Buell for twisties. But I have to have money to repair the Harley when it does break down. Which I dont' have right now. Honda - I've always loved Honda becuase everything they make is pretty damn reliable. Now if you do need to replace a part Honda loves their parts and can get expensive. Kawasaki - I like their dirtbikes/ATVs more than their street bikes. But would love a ZX10 or the KLR650s. Suzuki - The only two bikes they make I would own would be the SV650/1000s(Which is an awesome bike) and the GSXR750 becuase it's a good in the middle bike. However it's the Choice of Squids so I wouldn't ride one unless I got a killer deal on it. OH yeah I'd take the DZM400 Supermoto. And I hate Hyabusas. Too freaking ugly. Yamaha - Yamaha like Honda makes great whatever they put their hands on. They make some of the best Pianos in the world along with other Musical instruments. Plus I found they have the lowest markup on their parts of any of the Big 4 Japanese. Of the Euro bikes I'd only own a BMW bike. Triumphs and Ducatis I feel are overated and have the same quality as a Harley.(Which I hate Harleys). And I'd take the KTM 990 Supermoto becuase that is sex on two wheels. But when it comes down to it I'll take whatever I feel is a good deal. Because if Kellogs Cereal made a great sport bike I'd buy that. But between Yamaha and Honda it's a Toss up for me. If I wanted a Litre bike I'd get a CBR1000RR(Not the new ones because they are so Fugly). 600cc I'd get the R6. But would get an R1 if I found a better deal than the CBR or an 600RR if I found a better deal htan the R6.
  4. New is almost never good for anyone. It's always worth buying used. Just curious but don't the FZ6s have the R6 motor? If so then I'm not sure that would be a great bike to start on becuase the R6s are pretty fast. I know the FZ1s are that way and that'd be stupid fast. Which I was going to purchase a new FZ6 through Yamaha's First Time Buyers program. But they wanted a 21% interest and I was screw them. On top of my insurance around $200 a month(With 1 speeding ticket from 2years ago). Also the sales rep said it was a R6 motor. I'm not sure if there is a difference between American and European models.
  5. Wether you buy a Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or even a Kawasaki. These Japanese bikes are just about bullet proof. Unless they've been totaled out even ones with high miles seem to be okay. My buddy sold a high mileage R1 not too long ago. And he rode the living crap out of the bike for 6months. Wheelies everywhere, running 180mph when he got a chance and taking to our mountains hardcore. He later sold it for a decent price. Which the guy who bought it was an idiot who did not need to be on an R6 much less an R1. The only problem we got out of the R1 is in the middle of a wheelie his left footpeg broke off. But that's his fault more than anything becuase he spent 50% of his riding time on one wheel. Which he could take it down gently. But motor, transmission, eletrical, brakes, etc seemed to be strong. And I don't see many more riders abusing the bike more than this guy. So as long as the guy changed the oil regularlly it should be fine.
  6. atlantasmittie84


    I prefer to run 180mph so the wind doesn't get on me. Just kidding. I haven't ridden much since I sold my bike and am currently working on a project bike. But when it did get cold(And I hate cold with a passion) I'd wear my Motoboss jacket with the rain liner and a hoody over the jacket. Then I got a neopron face mask from a hunting store to keep the wind off of me. And sucked it up when it came to my jeans. But good boots kept me fairly warm in the feet. I never had good gloves so those never helped. But have heard that putting a surgical glove underneath your normal gloves help. Summer time I wear a motoboss kevlar jacket and remove the rain liner if too hot. With the rain liner gone it breathes great. Jeans for riding.
  7. I think America gets the shaft when it comes to bike. Look at the new R1s and R6s. The European paint schemes kick freaking ass. The American ones are okay. Except the one bike they gave flames from the factory. That is Fugly and looks pre-squided to me.
  8. atlantasmittie84


    I'd pray that I'd make the decision to get the R1 before my blood rushed from my top brain to my bottom brain. Because once it goes to the bottom brain it'd be over. But a good one.
  9. I hate cold with a passion. At 70degrees I throw on a long sleeve. I like it around mid 80s. Preferably low hummidity but I don't mind it if it is somewhat high. But riding to work on the bike sucks really bad. Especially when I hit some low dips in elevation. I normally in 50F weather wear my jacket, blue jeans, boots, gloves(need thicker ones), and I wear a hooded sweatshirt over my jacket. Plus I have a full mask that is I guess breathable and stretchy that keeps the wind out fairly well. If anything it's more comfy than a car.
  10. Those TDMs are sweet looking bikes. I don't think I"ve seen them here in the States. But would be an eye catcher if you did have on here.
  11. What? Who the hell posted that? An F-22? That's a Billion dollar airplane on top of being the U.S. Militaries fastest most manuverable stealthiest jet ever made. That thing coudl fly through Downtown Moscow and not be detected. Which means Skunk Works and the U.S. Military is not letting some civilian come even close to spitting range of that plane. If you are going to get a Litre bike. Can I get an life insurance policy off of you? There is no "really really slow" on an litre bike. They are violent power. The bike explodes when you hit the gas. Atleast a Hyabusa or ZX-14 is smooth on power.
  12. Are you being serious about an R1? That bike probably has more horsepower than your car. Except it weighs a lot less. R1s are wicked fast and got a lot of torque. The new ones aren't as bad on the lower end tq but still touchy. Not saying it will happen but starting on an R1 or GSXR1000 or any 1000 bike that isn't a cruiser style is a great way to get killed. Because either you are going to A) see a cute girl in a car and try to wheelie for her at 50mph thinking your bike won't flip over (which it will easily even if you put all your weight up front) taking a turn and hitting the gas too hard causing the tire to spin and you to lowslide into a tree C) Taking a turn to hard and spining the rear tire and while letting off the gas because you are spinning causing your tire to grab traction and highside you into a tree or oncoming vehicle or finally D) going 180mph and not knowing what to do. Your best beginner bikes would be the FZ6, Suzuki SV650, Kawasaki EX500, or even a Honda 599. All good looking bikes with decent power and great for learning. Plus buy used buy used buy used buy used. Because you will eventually drop your bike and it's best to hvae a paid off used one than a brand new one.
  13. The secret it to ride a wheelie at 100mph or 200kph. That way the fumes can't catch up. I'm not sure how true that is. But I guess it would be similar to when you are drunk and try to pee out of the back of a friends truck. Never a good result (Especially for your other friends in the back).
  14. Hahahahaha. That is freaking damn halarious. Oh those crazy Irishmen.
  15. I asked a question on another forum about what to do if you are crashing or to avoid a crash. Here is what everyone said and I think there is some good advice... http://www.twowheelforum.com/showthread.php?t=21747
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