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  1. New source coil fitted and started on third kick. Bit rough timing out. Adjusted and now running sweet. Thanks
  2. Hi Cynic yes you are right pistons can still work in poor condition but I am clutching at straws. The stator coil is about the only thing in the circuit not swapped out. Good shout. The lighting coil is working fine, both look imaculate, but that doesn’t mean anything. I put in new piston and rings and no joy. I will source another coil. Thanks
  3. Still couldn’t get it to run. Compression seemed low and not pulling fuel. Stripped down top end and some nicks in piston ring, but no barrel scoring. Exhaust port had rough edge. That is now dressed and new piston, rings and gaskets on order. Hope this finally sorts it
  4. Wild Bison the seals have been changed
  5. It seems spark is weak, not bright white/blue. Bypassing straight from stator to coil makes no difference. New coil, condenser, point HT lead and plug. The only thing not changed is the ignition coil on stator. Could this be the issue?
  6. Still not running. Will have another go tomorrow. Will pull flywheel and check coil, points and condenser connections. I expect them to still be fine
  7. Well, I’ve retarded timing and now tries to start and backfires after a few kicks. Will have another go tomorrow
  8. When i first got it running in May it was old version unleaded and ran fairly okay, if a little underpowered at high rpm. Thinking about it it has got a lot worse since using the super so will mess with timing. I was advised not to use new e10 unleaded as not good for the carb etc
  9. Hi Neo thats a good point. It actually has super in it as I was advised not to use the new E10 stuff now at the pumps. I will look to do this at the weekend. Thanks
  10. I have caustic cleaned and washed out exhaust. I have also replaced packing in silencer. There was some old oil and some carbonisation but not bad. The bike had only done 4033 miles in its first year (1984) and then not run until this year. I really am struggling with this. I have even bypassed wiring on stator direct to coil and makes no difference
  11. The tank was stripped delisted and revealed with POR15 so no bits in it New fuel tap too. The fuel flows well out of pipe with or without the cap on. This has been cleaned and breaths well. But a good shout as i had this issue in a Kawasaki AR many years ago
  12. Hi Cynic I have had the carb ultrasonic cleaned as it was basically full of resinous old petrol. The floats are sealed, needle good and jets replaced
  13. Plug wet and small amount oil. I have also checked resistance on stator coil and ignition coil and all seems correct. It ran yesterday on second kick, idling and revving for a couple of minutes nice and responsive. The first time of got it to start in two weeks then it cut out. My initial though it was fuel starvation. For no apparent reason it did not start after that. Today at best it runs for three seconds regardless of choke on or off or switching plugs And yes bright blue spark. It was yellow before replacing coil
  14. I have a 1984 dt50mx which after not running for 34 years ~I decided to revive. It was in a bad way as had been stored initially in garages and sheds, but the last 10 years under a tarpaulin. Long story short after a lot of TLC and replacing some parts I got it running and in August took it for MOT and it passed. Since then it started to lose power, then became more difficult to start. No it will not start. It has a good spark, timing is at 1.9 bedchamber, there is fuel. Compression seems okay. I have had the top off and replaced gaskets. The piston, rings and bore immaculate. It has only done 1k miles on the current barrel. It has new crank seals and reeds plus new coil, rectifier, battery, condenser, points, plug cap. Any ideas as I have now run out
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