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  1. Yup, should have said that initially there was no drive with the rear wheel on the ground, and then with the rear wheel raised a foot on the tyre easily stopped it, I like my limbs attached too
  2. Have a 1984 rd50mx that I have stripped and rebuilt etc, I didnt replace and clutch parts as they worked fine and the friction plates and springs appeared fine. Engine runs great, but engage 1st gear and the rear wheel turns slowly and can be stopped easily by hand. The only 2 things I have not done were: 1 didnt use a torque wrench to tighten the clutch springs - just used a good sense of feel. 2 I didnt use the oil stated in the manual as 10w/30 engine oil; I used some modern scooter transmission oil from Halfords that is 10w/40. I have checked the oil level twice and it is spot on. Surely the slight change in oil wouldnt cause such massive clutch slippage - ie non useable friction???? I guess I will have to drain and inspect for a stuff up I have made with reassembly of the clutch plates etc.
  3. Morning everyone, Just in the process of getting back into the bike I had as a kid, Yammy rd50mx. I had a 1/4 share of a bike with 3 other mates as only one of us was allowed to have a bike haha. So now have a 1984 black bike as a small project as the money is doing nothing in the bank and the bike will be more fun for a while. Hopefully there will be a Rd50 owners meet somewhere in North Wales at some point. Cheers for now Mark
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