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  1. I've got it looking almost brand new, this is the final missing piece. Have had various ones made up but none are anywhere near how it should be. It's damn near impossible to get the metallic vinyls to colour match. And the way they fade colours too is also an issue. Maybe if I could find someone that prints with metallic inks it could be done but I've more chance on here finding an original set
  2. Contacted around 30 companies. None can match the original colours correctly. Have to be original
  3. Hello everyone. I'm after a decal for a 1993 yamaha TZR125R 4HW. Ive tried everywhere with no luck. Contacted yamaha direct who pushed me onto main dealers who advised me my only chance would be a main dealer in japan which ive been unsuccessful in contacting. Is anyone able to help me? Part number is... 4FL-28315-00 Many thanks in advance!
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