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  1. Thanks for the animation! I do believe it must be in the gear set. Just not sure what as it moves thru the gears fine, can find all the gears no problem, clutch just wont disengage. Plan on taking tearing into it more today or tomorrow. Just gotta find myself a good pair of snap ring pliers first The inner basket moves free for half a turn or so and then stops. The outer basket does turn with the motor. However, with the clutch installed and the lever pulled, it still does not disengage. Ill try to take some pics and post them. Having a hard time finding someone locally to help so
  2. I have a 1974 TX500A as the title says, and the clutch wont disengage. It happened while riding a few years ago. Shifted to first at a light with the lever pulled and it stalled. Ever since that day the clutch wont disengage the tranny. Have inspected the plates and measured everything seems to be in spec. The basket moves upon pulling the lever, however when its adjusted to allow that to happen, the kick start wont engage the motor. I have alot of car and small engine experience, but little with these old wet clutch's. Have put everything together according to the yamaha service manual for th
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