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  1. Everything is okey just need to find new screw and change it. Screw comes at float chamber so it cant get in engine
  2. That my friend is screw for main jet and its broken off
  3. Found problem in two carbs https://ibb.co/qjrBxPB https://ibb.co/bvnKN3d
  4. So carbs must to be cleaned
  5. It sneeze only when i put fuel directly in carbs without that engine turns without smoke or anything
  6. I have issues with my yamaha xj600, engine isn’t running. Spark plugs are new and have spark, when i screwed them out of motor block they are wet with fuel. Checked fuel lines, cleaned carbs but nothing. Then i pour fuel directly in carbs the. Engine starts to sneeze and shoot the flames but thats all. Before winter get engine running but for short time with full trotil and got maximum 1500rpms
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