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  1. Spot on, great ideas. Not really thought about doing that before. Thanks very much both
  2. Hi, Currently restoring my dad's old fz600 1988. But coming up short for a few parts. Online Yamaha NOS suppliers don't always have everything for this model. Are their any hidden away gems of parts suppliers and collectors out there? Craig
  3. Will be hoping to find some good info and crack amongst everyone I've got my dad's old 1988 FZ600 that is in need of some TLC. It's been a slow process putting it back on the road. I got its first MOT in 2019 after sitting since 2000 in my aunts garage and rode around the country on tyres that were older than I am haha Now however it's starting to show its age again. I'm in need of a replacement fuel petcock as this one has given up the ghost. Parts seem to be like rocking horse poop, so I'm turning to you good chaps for some help regarding parts suppliers, breakers or specialists. Hope to hear from you all Titch
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