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    Yamaha DT50MX 1987, Viarelli Scrambler, MBK 51 Club, Mini Racing bike.

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    Riding bikes with friends and loves to work on bikes as a hobby.

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  1. Do you poor oil into the gas or does it mix automaticlly?
  2. Hi, I have a yamaha dt50mx 1987 (Twostroke). And i didn't drive it at winter time so i let it sit. Today when i started it in months i heard a weird whistling sound from the engine area. It Gets louder as i rev it up. And I have checked for leaking air damaged gaskets as well as the airfilter and it sometimes stops getting spark and it stalls. And i changed the oil the day before. Video of the sound:
  3. Sorry. But i have checked everything. even opened the cyliner and looked at the piston and rings in detail. And still wont run i smell gas after a couple of tries to start it. And the filter sucks in air. So i dont really know what else to do. Thanks for the help still.
  4. Hello i have a Yamaha DT50MX from 1987 (Twostroke). And i recently changed the piston. Then i started it and let it run on idle. But after 2 minutes it just died. And i do not know why. I have looked in the Carburetor in details. And i have really good spark on the sparkplug. I have both tried to roll start it and spraying in starting fluid. Please help if you can Thanks.
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