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  1. The only thing that I wonder about is the bike only has 4000 miles on it. I have another one just like it with over 9000 miles and still no tranny problems. This bike sat for over 30 years and I just got it running. Is it possible that rust on the gear is not letting it go in properly? What else could do it? I have had both side cases off to replace the seals and everything else looks like new.
  2. You think that could make it pop out of 1st gear? Other gears work fine.
  3. Well, after replacing the crank seals, piston and rings, I found the real problem. The oil drain plug was too long and plugged the oil passage causing pressure to push oil through the crank seal. Replaced with a shorter plug and works fine. Next problem, pops out of first gear. There is a bolt next to the neutral indicator with a spring on it. Could a weak spring cause the problem. Anyone know what the spring and bolt is for?
  4. Good call on the crank seals, thanks. Got them ordered.
  5. My bad, Richard here, Meridian Idaho. Would the seals pump oil through the cylinder and piston? Or would seals cause external leaks? I have removed the exhaust and disconnected the injector pump. When I start it it still pumps oil through the piston and out the exhaust port. Any ideas anyone?
  6. Bike set for 30 years, only 4k miles, blows oil out of case, exhaust, and smokes real bad. Will use up all the oil in the case in about 15 minutes. Changed piston and rings, no difference. Will start with starting fluid, won't rev above 3k, changed points and timing settings no different. Replaced carburetor, no difference. HELP ME PLEASE!
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