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  1. To wind it back, the rear timing sprocket sheared the key and timing slipped and bent both front and rear cylinder valves. Replaced the heads and tried to set the timing from the service manual. after 4 days of failure i sent to a mechanic to do. Well he returned the bike 2 days and $600 later and it stated right away with very strong sounding engine, i took it out several days later and it started first crack, put it in gear and took off strong but once i got up to 20 mph it was double beating and shaking and un ride-able. I opened her up and it seemed the front cylinder was timed perfect to the marks but the rear was off by a few links so i pulled it lined it up to the marks with great confidence i had done it all right and nothing, wont fire at all. Im ready to smash this bike out of frustration. Is the service manual wrong? what am i doing wrong? does anybody have any experience with this engine or a 250 which is identical
  2. thanks, couldn't get my head around the sequence of events as i want to take a full blown fuel injected fully sensored engine and strip it to bare bones carburetor fed chopper engine. I think you have helped sir.
  3. I am trying to find out the firing degree of the 125 xvs. I have purchased a xvs950 engine that fires at 300deg and 420 degree and i dont want to use the CDI associated with the engine as i dont intend to run fuel injectors and all the associated safety connections needed for that set up. I want to feed it with a S&S super carb and have a CDI from a 125 but i think the firing different, just trying to find enough info to make something work here.
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