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  1. Hey. Thanks for the reply. I checked the cable connection and lubed the gap between the cable and the cable hose. The trottle seems to be working very smoothly. It snaps back instantly in all positions of the steering wheel. But still when i turn on the bike and rev it the revs dont come down.
  2. Hello, Im a first time poster here, and i am unsure if this is the right sub-forum for my topic, but this place was the one that made most sense to me. I bought a 1997 Yamaha YZF 600 Thundercat project bike this summer, and was hoping I would manage to fix it up. After some rounds of trial and error im not really getting any closer to fixing the problems with it. So i was hoping there where some Thundercat/Yamaha gurues here that could help me a bit with my problem. The thing is that when i bought the bike it wouldn't idle, but it could be driven so lo
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