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  1. So, just aquired a 2002 Dragstar with no service history- its fairly smooth, a bit lumpy (i need to ride it more i think its the style) and very heavy but ill get used to it. I was just reading some posts about blocked breathers etc. and wondered if there is a decent oil it could use to prevent any sludge? Wet clutch i know doesnt like friction modifiers so need to be careful maybe you all use a decent oil? I plan to run premium fuel full time which will help other aspects - air filter i notice is partially covered by plastic, is this a max flow restriction? Should I cut it out an
  2. Hey all Just a quick hello from a late 30 year old (ok ok 40 next October) returning to biking. Used to run a bored out scrambler at aged 16, onto a TZR125 at 17-18 then got into cars and then never got back to bikes. Recently, lockdown blues, decded on a new hobby this time with the fiance - we passed out CBT 2 weeks ago and now sit proud re-learning how to drive (cars have given us habits!) I have an XVS 125 Dragstar and she has a newer CB125F with mod cons. They aren't the 2 strokes of my day, but nevertheless fast enough for now. Nice to see some youtube vi
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