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  1. If anyone's reading this in the future it was fixed by using a brand new NGKCR7HSA from Halford's instead of a NGKCR6HSA. No clue why as both the Haynes manual and owners manual reccomend a CR6 spark plug. Parhaps all 3 CR6 plugs off Amazon were Chinese counterfeits or the CR7 is better for when it gets colder in the UK.
  2. Hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting here i've just got a mysterious issue with my bike that I need to fix urgently and thought it would be worth posting here to ask for advice. In short my YBR 125 Custom (2016?) is having an issue where randomly (always over 7,000 rpm in 5th after 2 minutes or so) a massive amount of engine braking will kick in and the engine light will continuously flash (No code just constant quick flashes till the breaking stops). This will deceleration will happen for a seemingly random amount of time. This issue has resurfaced multiple times over the
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