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    Custom XS650 (rephased 750cc) Street Scrambler, 1290 SuperdukeR, custom built Harley softail, custom built 1380cc bobber
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    990 Superduke, Aprillia RSM mille R, several Gixers, etc etc.

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  1. Hi Guys, Just signed up today, having just got my second Yamaha ever, since owning a brand new RD250B back in 1975. Ooops, giving my age away there. Aw, sod it, who cares. Just imported a Yam XS650 from a mate in Oz. It's a Street Scrambler custom build with a rephased motor with a 750 big bore kit. The bike was totally mint when in Oz but sadly the three month (yes, 3 months!!) sea voyage has taken its toll on the bike, not to mention some dimwit had the brainwave of strapping the bike down in the contained with a strap over the newly painred tank, which now sports a dent right ac
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