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  1. 16 hours ago, skystryd said:

    I expect somewhere within the bike is the flasher relay.  my problem is I have not found it!  google is little help for this year and model.  also online flashers show at least 3 different types ...so which/where are absent in my knowledge bank.

    In looking for it I came across a strange 2 fuse plastic holder. One 20 long one short that seems to have no function.  regardless I got it apart and it does not want to go back together.
    This is a semi duplicate of what I put in the 'newbies' section...but without the ""this is me"" stuff
    I really could use a bit of help if someone knows what I am dealing with.



    You should be looking at a flasher unit like the one in the picture with a plug like the other picture. According to a wiring diagram I've seen it's supposed to be on the left hand side near the ignition coil which will be right under the tank hanging off the frame (?)

    I don't think i'm allowed to put up external links but if you search SR250 wiring diagram in google images it should show up.

    Hope this is of some help. Somebody with more of an idea might be along soon... 🤓

    s-l1600 (4).jpg


  2. 23 minutes ago, Airhead said:

    I'd just cut and bend the one thats too long! at least for now

    I would have done but it's not even the right switch body to fit the frame and the metal is too wide a diameter to go through the eye on the footbrake lever so I've just ordered a cheap one from china that comes with a long enough spring that should do the job. I have another switch for a later DT that's the right size for the frame but the spring is shorter.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Airhead said:

    Paul Dawkins might be able to help, try the aircooled RD forum?

    I got an email address off the DVLC website which was for something "air-cooled". I sent an email to the address and got a reply saying yes no problem, just send us some pictures of the bike, frame and engine numbers along with I think £30 and they'd issue a dating certificate.

    I haven't done anything as yet as have other priorities with the bike...

    Where I'm not too sure about what to do is with the Nova because apparently it's a German bike and I don't know how long it's been in the country or whether it's been imported properly or not. I have half an idea what to do and will find out as soon as I start filling forms in but again it's low down on my list although thinking about it, I should probably put it near the top before I do too much to this bike, just in case like... 🤔

  4. Apparently I was supposed to bend it back into shape? 🙄  I got the new one which he'd packaged so securely it took me ages to get into. I think he spat the dummy 😄

    Anyway the replacement doesn't fit! It's really slack in the frame bracket and can't be secured and the metal is an inch and a half too long. When I looked up the part on the interwebs it says that it's for a 1978 RD250 or 400. (Well there's your problem!) 

    Seller mentioned nothing in his advert about it being compatible or having to bend it back into shape or cut and bend it to fit, it was advertised to fit my model and year of DT. I'm really anal about these things, if it isn't right, it's wrong. So I do a return on Ebay and it says that I have to pay the sodding postage?  How's it my fault he sent me a bent one then a replacement that isn't the correct part anyway?

    If the seller was honest from the outset, I wouldn't have bought it. 😡

    I've bought a cheap Chinese one now, only for the spring that comes with it which will fit the decent switch that I already have which was also supposed to fit but came with too short a spring as it's for a later DT 🤣

  5. On 9/22/2020 at 3:18 PM, NE0 said:

    Hi Scott,

    International Rescue here.!  I've also got a DT 175 MX 1978 round tube swinging arm bike. I've got a photo of the loom under the tank if that helps, and I'm more than willing to take my tank off and photo around for you.

    I'm familiar with the electrics of this bike, see one of my main popular posts on 12v conversion if you're interested.

    I can send you the photos, if you PM me if thats any help. Plus if you happen to reside on the South Coast I could simply show you.


    Oh wow that would be awesome if you would thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

    Cheers for the link, funny enough it was while looking for pictures with the the loom in it that I came across your thread on the conversion and went through all of it looking for some clues and that's what lead me here to this forum. 😄

    Edit: Oh and nowhere near the south coast sadly, thanks for the offer though.

  6. So today after over a week of trying I finally get a response from DHL that my parcel is in the hands of Parcelforce and has been for the best part of 2 weeks and is awaiting import duty to be paid. 🥳

    I  was supposed to have been notified by them sending a postcard but once AGAIN I didn't get one. No email or text either. 🙄

    I recently tried importing some engine casings and the exact same thing happened, waited patiently until my patience ran out then got on to the seller whose attitude was "I got your money everything else is your problem" so I had to go chasing carriers to find out where my parcel was and on that occasion it had sat in the parcel place for so long that they gave up waiting and sent it back to the US. I believe they give it 14 days from the date they send you a card out. On that occasion I was so fed up waiting I told the seller to shove it and got a refund. Oh and the reason I didn't get a card from Parcelforce was because some bellend there put the wrong postcode on it and it went to the wrong address!

    On this occasion I contacted the seller over a week ago and got pretty much the same response that it was "out of his hands" and if it wasn't for my persistence this would have been sent back to the seller as I didn't receive a notification from Parcelforce or anyone else. As this is one of the rarer DT175MX parts (Rear inner fender) it would have been a disaster. Luckily I got to it in time and paid the duty 😫 and now it's coming tomorrow, thank fook!

    The moral of the story here is if you're importing, to not wait patiently because of this sodding virus and keep tracking until it arrives and if something doesn't look right then get on to the seller or the carrier. If it wasn't for my persistence on this occasion this could have been another import I never got. 

    All's well that ends well. 😊 Phew!

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  7. Got this through the post yesterday via ebay. Promptly told the seller what I thought of it and to his credit he's sent me a replacement straight out.

    Rear brake light switch and not a coat hanger if anyone's wondering 😳


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  8. On 9/13/2020 at 8:21 PM, blackhat250 said:

    Ok" ,,its improrted from the EU. SO NO DUTY is due,,,,,go to GOV.UK.  sign in or make an account,  fill in the N.O.V.A form,,  just make up a figure paid,,etc,,  you will be issued a number, then you need a dating  cert,,  vjmc,,, or Aircooled RD FORUM,,,


    Do I need an MOT for the bike in order to register it? Can I Nova and register it before I finish building it or do I have to wait till it's finished and MOT it to prove roadworthyness before they'll issue a registration number?

    Being 1978 and there being no major modifications beyond standard parts it should qualify as a vintage motorcycle and be MOT and Tax exempt?

    Think vintage status is something that has to be applied for too? In which case I won't be able to do that until a registration number is issued?

    Have found the air-cooled place that issues the age certificates so that one thing ticked off...

  9. 1 hour ago, jimmy said:

    Scott, I can't help you with your query, but as you're finding out, the site has gone quiet over the last while.

    There is a fb site with the same name, and I note that questions get answered there a bit quicker.

    Good luck on your search

    I don't do Facebook 🤮 Thanks anyway. Feel free to post a link there if you like though. 😜

    We're in the last days of the good weather and everyone is probably out enjoying their bikes. I have faith that some nice person will eventually read this and help out... 🤞☺️

    That and I'm not in a hurry as it won't be on the road until next year and I have plenty of other jobs to do. Waiting on tools and parts still. Apparently it's quicker to order parts from Australia and Thailand than the US. 🙄

    Managed to score some rare parts but they cost me a kidney. 😧

    s-l1600 (1).jpg

    s-l1600 (2).jpg


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  10. Has anyone any knowledge of these aftermarket, Chinese bore Kits for the DT being sold on ebay?

    They're just under £100 and was considering getting one to tide me over until I can get a proper one re-bored and painted.



  11. Hi,


    Recently purchased an unfinished project off Ebay and the fella at the time said he didn't have the V5 and that the original owner "had the bike from new" and "used it on a farm".

    He's been on Ebay a while and his feedback was legit and on meeting him he's a bike restorer and he said that he had too much on and didn't have time to get around to finishing the rest, he bought it as unfinished too. I didn't get a whiff of anything dodgy.

    Anyway i used an online service where you pay a fiver and they search your VIN and if they don't find anything you get your fiver back or they send you the registration number if they do. Anyway, I got my fiver back and he said he couldn't find anything.

    Yambits have a VIN search facility to identify the model and year, they came back and confirmed what it was and the year and said that it was German in origin. 

    Long story shorter, I've made inquiries about registering it. According to DVLA I need to contact HM Revenue and Customs and do a Nova for it which is fine but I have no idea when it was imported or whether it was done properly. Because of this bloody virus am struggling to get hold of anyone at either DVLA or HM R&C who can guide me through the process. Online forums are full of conflicting advice.

    The bike is a 1978, I have no idea how long it's been in the country or who imported it. Have tried to trace it through previous owners but not had much luck.

    Can anyone tell me definitively what I need to do in order to get it registered please?

    Thanks again...

  12. Hi, new member looking for some help please...

    Putting together 1978 DT175 and have the correct loom but the bike am restoring didn't come with a loom and I haven't got a clue how to route it properly. Have scannedmany  images and watched loads of videos but haven't seen anything detailed enough yet.

    Can anyone point me to an image set or video that explains in detail what to do please? Ideally some close up pictures from another DT would be really helpful if anyone has one and is willing?

    Am also seeking clarification on the location of various bits such as CDI, flasher unit, rectifier and condenser please...

    Thanks in advance. 👍

  13. Hi,

    Names Scott. 🙋‍♂️

    Currently restoring DT175MX 1978 Model. Been viewing past restorations looking for tips and thought I would join and hopefully pick some brains on the right way to go about things. 

    Had a DT175MX when I was in my teens and it was the most fun bike I've ever owned and have missed it every day since someone pulled out on me and I had no choice but to stuff it into the back of their car (SMIDSY). This was back in 86 or 87 as it was a brand new D plate Cavalier, he got away with it but the bike got damaged enough that I couldn't ride it and this was before the internet and Ebay so I flogged it off cheap to some chap who stuck a flier through the letterbox.

    Had lot's of other bikes over the years and stopped riding for a long time and only in the last few years have I decided to get back into it. I'm in my *cough* 50s now. 

    I could and probably should have just bought a whole one that had already been restored but where's the fun in that? Anyway I managed to get hold of a big pile of bits, frames, wheels and many other parts but not enough to make a whole one and have, for about the last year, been amassing bits literally from all over the world to put a DT together.

    Very recently however, I was able to purchase, for an absolute steal, an unfinished project for which I already had most of the parts. Am gradually chipping away at the tasks and getting them done but am going to need some pointers to get the wiring done and that's largely why I joined the site.

    Looking forward to speaking with you and hopefully gaining some knowledge and getting back on the road...

    Oh about the picture, the joys of the single life and nobody nagging me or threatening divorce if I don't get it shifted. Planning on getting it built then taking it outside when it's ready and not doing the fluids till then and hopefully have a shed built to park and secure it in by then too...

    Anything you want to know feel free to ask. DTLounge.jpg

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