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  1. Hi All Wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions re. a problem I'm having with my SR125? Out riding the other day I noticed that the indicators are acting odd. Sometimes there's a delay before they come on when the switch is pressed, and sometimes they start as normal but have odd pauses between the flashes every so often. All seems to work normally with just the electrics turned on, but with the engine running, even just standing in the garage, the odd random pausing starts again. I've checked the battery has plenty of charge, tried a new indicator relay and I've found nothing loose in the wiring (but haven't yet managed to trace the earth wire back into the body of the bike). Does anyone have experience of anything similar, or knows what the problem could be? I'd be grateful for all suggestions, as I can't take her out on the road again until this is sorted. Lolo
  2. Not sure exactly how this all works, but just saying Hello as I'm new here. I'm new-ISH to riding, having "mucked around a bit" on friend's bikes when I was young and come back to do it properly later. I did my learning on a 1998 SR125, and having passed my full UK license a few years back, I got a bigger bike but still keep my beloved SR125 for local round town. She's old and a bit battered.. but then, so am I! LOL
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