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  1. So, I stated in my intro i got this bike from a guy that lost the key and jammed a screwdriver into the ignition switch and gas cap. I've tried searching them and it's hit or miss on finding things online. Anyone have any good recommendations for replacements?
  2. got an 85 Yamaha XJ700N, the intake boots have both gaskets and O rings. the O rings are worn down completely. Now I've seen some videos where there's only an O ring on the Intake Boots, not a gasket as well. do I NEED the gaskets? or can I be good with just new O rings?
  3. the good news, got the bolt out today. Cleaned it up and double checked the threads by carefully screwing in one of the other bolts. had no hitches. so a replacement bolt, and gaskets and the carbs will go on and not come off for a while.
  4. Yeah, I'm 34 now and I worked on all my own vehicles since my first car when I wwas 18. Not from a family that can afford a mechanic so I do it all myself. things have gotten better these past several years as places like YouTube have become good sources of information for tearing down and such. so I'm knowledgable and I look up information and pictures/videos before I try anything xD Quick question, what would be the difficulty of putting a sidecar on one of these? I have a 12yo daughter and I'm still a novice at riding a bike so I want to be comfortable with riding before taking her on the bike. But I also thought about a Sidecar, which would also help for my Business since I can take my gear and stuff with me. But a Motorcycle trailer works for gear xD
  5. So I have an 85 Maxim XJ700N. bought it a couple weeks ago. Due to it sitting for over a year I was doing some check up on it. Did compression and spark test and pulled the carbs to check for corrosion in the bowls. Well I couldn't get the carbs back on. so I figured I would take cyl 1 and 4 Intake boots off and put them on the carbs myself so I'm only pushing onto the middle 2 boots. well one of the bolts for the cyl 4 intake boot broke. I tried using a welder to get a nut on the end and losen it but it would not budge and the nuts would just come off. I suspect I'm just still not good at welding. so I turned to extractors. after getting a little into the bolt with a Titanium HSS bit we were trying to back the screw out with the extractor when the tip broke off. SO I'm done with it. I have a 7/32" Colbalt Drill bit and I'm going to drill it out completely. I also want to order an EZ-Locke insert but I don't know the bolt thread. I thought it was M6 x1.25, but the 7/32" bit I bought at Home Depot is slightly smaller than M6 bolts. well when I got home and checked it against the bolt I have it's about the same size as the bolt(including the threads) I suspect this to be M4x1.25. but I wanted t o make sure. I have a PDF of the Service manual but the bolts are not listed anywhere. I checked a Yamaha parts dealer I used for my Zuma I had a few years ago, but they don't have the size of the bolts just a price. I live outside of Town, have limited transportation and forgot to take the bolt with me when I went to home Depot earlier.
  6. So I bought an 85 Maxim 700 (XJ700N) a couple weeks ago. it's in need of TLC but it's pretty solid for driving. I found the Service Manual pdf so i have it on my desktop. I joined so I could get help on the TLC part. Here she is. the previous owner thought he would paint the tank red. Looks horrible but it's just paint. the Key Set(Ignition, tank and Seat) need replaced. the guy lost the key so he jammed a small flat head screwdriver into the ignition and tank. the Petcock is garbage and the fuel level sensor needs replaced. the battery is questionable. it's one of those 12v refillables you can get at Wwalmart but the acid is all gone. a little fuel Line and vacuum line on top to the petcock getting replaced and I cant drive it. Compression showed 95-96 on all 4 Cylinders. all the plugs had spark. Had to tear down the starter and clean it up. The copper plates on the starter motor shaft that the brushes touch were pretty dirty so it didn't want to turn over. clean up and it worked immediately. the Odometer shows 7200~ miles. I'm not sure if that's all the miles or if it's seen 100k or not. still, $500 for the bike is pretty good. Be my first Motorcycle that's not a 50cc Zuma.
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