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  1. Wow Neo, thanks for the help. I maybe didn't explain myself too well. I wanted to know how the menus work on the clocks, I see you can scroll through them using the blue function button but can't work out what all of them do. I also wanted to know how to swap from Motard to Enduro as mine seems to be set up wrong although I'm not 100% sure because I don't have a manual to refer to (neither does Google) Not sure what the issue is with asking for a copy of it. Yamaha provide free downloads for loads of bikes off the website, unfortunately for m
  2. Hello I've just got myself a Yamaha XT 125 R (2007) but unfortunately I didn't get an owners manual for it. I would love to own one if anyone had a spare I could buy but what I wanted to know right know is exactly how the speedometer / clocks operate. If anyone has one and could photo a few pages and send them to me that would be a huge help. Thanks guys
  3. Hello , brand new to this forum and bikes in general. Picking up my XR 125 R (2010, 4K miles) in a few days and want advise on what work is advisable / essential on a bike that's been sat for a long time (roughly 5 years). It starts, rides and stops fine. Only problem I could find is electric start doesn't work, doesn't even attempt to start on the button. apparently worked fine before going into storage Also neutral light wouldn't light up.
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