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  1. Wow Neo, thanks for the help. I maybe didn't explain myself too well. I wanted to know how the menus work on the clocks, I see you can scroll through them using the blue function button but can't work out what all of them do. I also wanted to know how to swap from Motard to Enduro as mine seems to be set up wrong although I'm not 100% sure because I don't have a manual to refer to (neither does Google) Not sure what the issue is with asking for a copy of it. Yamaha provide free downloads for loads of bikes off the website, unfortunately for my bike it's only available in Hungarian for some reason...
  2. Hello I've just got myself a Yamaha XT 125 R (2007) but unfortunately I didn't get an owners manual for it. I would love to own one if anyone had a spare I could buy but what I wanted to know right know is exactly how the speedometer / clocks operate. If anyone has one and could photo a few pages and send them to me that would be a huge help. Thanks guys
  3. Hello , brand new to this forum and bikes in general. Picking up my XR 125 R (2010, 4K miles) in a few days and want advise on what work is advisable / essential on a bike that's been sat for a long time (roughly 5 years). It starts, rides and stops fine. Only problem I could find is electric start doesn't work, doesn't even attempt to start on the button. apparently worked fine before going into storage Also neutral light wouldn't light up.
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