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  1. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS5

    Thanks for the reply but found that one of the screws was to long and broke through into the crankcase and was the engine oil pouring out
  2. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS5

    Hi all I have aYDS5 engine and when I took the clutch cover off oil was coming out of a screw hole is this normal or something serious?
  3. Would anybody out there have a wiring diagram for a YDS5 or YDS6 or know were I can get one . Thanks
  4. Ant1969

    RD`S Carbs

    Thanks for the reply got the slides down the same without the throttle cables fitted but still revs high could it be blockage or would be as I have no air filter fitted?
  5. Ant1969

    RD`S Carbs

    Just fitted some RD carbs onto a YDS5 engine which I had to modify the carbs so they would fit on the stubs but I seem to be having issues of flooding the engine and petrol coming out the exhaust. I have checked the floats and they worked fine and I have put the top notch on the needle. That made no difference could it be the jet that need changing or could it be the throttle slides are to high but there in no adjustment left on the throttle cable.
  6. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS5

    Hi Please could someone tell me what is the sequence for the gears on a YDS5. Is 1 down and 4 up or is all down . Thanks
  7. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS

    Thanks very much for that just the neutral switch off E-Bay from the states now all a need is a tachometer cable couple of carbs
  8. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS

    Thanks for that it seems that the person who had it last got rid of it the reason could be cannot get the part anymore or changed the gears so it was not needed but not sure and l did try that link which was very useful but it is out of stock. Thanks again much appreciated
  9. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS

    Thanks that was a great help I did take the bolt out which was filled up with red hematite but my next question how does it fit in the bolt or do I have something missing. See Photos
  10. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS

    Hi Thanks for the reply but still can not see where the wire goes See photos
  11. Ant1969

    Yamaha YDS

    I have a wire hanging from the engine (YDS5) which I believe is for the neutral light (Light blue) and have no idea where it should go as I have looked over and under the engine, here are some photos. Also can anybody help me out on a tachometer cable as one did not come with the bike like any measurements: Outer cable tip to tip length and outer cable fittings required – usually female threaded spinning fittings on the outers. Inner cable tip to tip length, and the square section size at both ends of the inner (May be same both ends) Thanks
  12. Hi All I have a 1969 Yamaha YDS6 and I`m having trouble finding the carbs so my question is could I use RD250 carbs ?
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