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  1. i can´t give the bike revelations, the engine dies when trying to throttle up
  2. i emtphied the tank and screw loose the filter and cleaned this aswell but still no tork. I have ordered new spark plugs airfilter, so i´m exited to see if this has influence, and i have also adjusted TPC to the right level...
  3. have tried to replace the fuel filter no succes Hi sorry for the missing information i have had the bike for several year and drives it all year. last service was around 45.000 now 60.000 today i changed the fuel filter, wiht no result other than when i give it throttle it dies....
  4. Greatings from Denmark i have issues with my 21 year old yamaha 600 Fazer. it is almost like my engine stutters, when arround 3000 rpm it stalls and dies when i give it more throttle. Anyone who have solved same issue?
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