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  1. After my previous work on the bike I found the problem to be low compression and the cylinder was replaced.The bike now starts every time and idles at 1500, as i set it to that, but as soon as any play with the throttle happens and the revs go above 3k, it doesn't want to come down past that mark. Pilot screw is fine and from my knowledge there is no space for an air leak anywhere.
  2. so, after a lot of work and trial and error including valve clearances and more, i cannot get the bike to start with ease, it takes a while with me covering the air filter to form a vacuum for it to start up, and even then it kicks into a high rpm until a few seconds after, this problem is then resolved by a warmed up engine but when the throttle is twisted the rpm seems to stick for a longer amount of time. I suspect a carb problem but thought id ask a few more owners for advice.
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