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  1. SammSphinx

    My XVS125 Dragstar - 'Korona'

    A place to share pictures/progress of my first venture on two wheels.
  2. From the album: My XVS125 Dragstar - 'Korona'

    Unsure about this at the moment. This was a test fit to check the brackets fit the dimensions of the fairing mounts and the forks. A ride tomorrow will tell me if its rattles like a b*stard!
  3. See you out on the road when all this is over!
  4. Cheers dude! Biting at the bit now, especially hearing the sports bikes still cracking past on Sundays! I've worn cowboy boots for a couple of years but my accent still gives me away! XD The VTwin on these is roughly the same size as the 650s... Would love to take the heads off just to see the tiny cylinder bore!
  5. Hello Everyone! Samm, 28 from Essex. New to bikes and having just passed my CBT I bought myself a rather shiny XVS125... with rather large 31K on the clock! COVID19 has stopped me riding in the last week or so but I still managed to put 300 miles in while I had the chance. Now onto making her as clean and tidy as I can so she at least looks the part when I'm back to doing 55MPH flat out. XD
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