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  1. Hi. Im new to this forum n BULA from Fiji. Have a 2013 R1 purchased new from USA n done about 5000 miles n in very good condition. however was parked for some time n battery was sluggish so tried to jump start from another vehicle with engine running. It cranked over well but did not start. After many attempts inclusive of fuel changes, visual inspection, replacement new battery, fuse inspection etc, still would not start. The fuel pump goes n cranks over smartly n can smell petrol too while cranking.no fault codes n all diagnostic cheks ok. So removed tank and other bits to get to plugs which did not have ignition spark.Plugs ok n no spark on any coil.However 13V registers on one of the two supply leads on coil.I guess the problem is after it. CPS located on side has correct resistance value. Tilt sensor,cluth switch,side stand all tested n ok. Quite a few friends here suggested that it definitely was an ECU issue so spent lots of bucks getting a new one from USA but still no sperk. Does not have an immobilizer nor chip on key I would very much appreciate your kind assistance as in suggestions and if anyone out there has gone thru similar situation and managed to get it going. Thank you.
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